Unusual hotel-UFO build from the fjords of Northern Norway In the World : Vladim

News 14 March, 2018

In Northern Norway, will open a hotel in the shape of a UFO. The construction of the complex involved in the company Sn?hetta Designs.


Unusual property will be located near the Arctic circle, on the edge of the fjord Hollands, the Svartisen glacier. The hotel will be accepting guests on the construction mechanism of the Powerhouse. The round shape of the casing can provide visitors with panoramic views of the fjord and will give the opportunity to use the Sun’s energy using special panels that are on the surface of the hotel.


UFO-the hotel will be commissioned in 2021, she will be the first in the Arctic circle, where the volume of energy will be consumed 85% less than any other hotel. The architecture of the room repeat the traditional Norwegian temporary habitats of local fishermen.