Unusual ways to use ordinary cucumbers

Techno 29 March, 2018

2018-03-29 10:04

Unusual ways to use ordinary cucumbers
For doors, mirrors and bags under the eyes….

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When it comes to cleaning or minor repairs, your hands are likely to reach in Cabinet with household chemicals or suitcase with tools. You never come to look for this in the fridge! Always have enough items that can be repurposed in a difficult situation. However, little is in its universality compares with the coolest vegetable – cucumber.

9 unusual ways to use ordinary cucumbers

Of course, we all know that cucumbers are delicious and healthy, but right now it’s not about their food preferences. It seems that in addition to eating, it can be applied to the most incredible goals, which makes it simply irreplaceable thing in the house, the news informs Rus.Media.

For example, you ever occur to you that cucumber can lubricate a squeaky door? And clean the bathroom mirror?

1. How to use cucumber to clean the “fogged mirror

By the way, did you know that glasses do not sweat” and condensate water? In any case, sometimes this process can not be avoided, especially if you enjoy a long soak under a hot shower. Fingers to wipe – there are traces. What should I do?

Take a slice of cucumber and wipe them from the surface of the mirror. Cucumber juice not only removes the steam from the glass, but will not allow him to settle on it.

2. How to use cucumber to reduce the look of cellulite

Cellulite is a problem faced by all women, regardless of age and physique. Instead of having to go advertised store with cream, try a simple home remedy.

A slice of cucumber, RUB the skin in problem areas, and cellulite (almost) disappear. Cucumber phytochemicals strengthen collagen contained in the skin, smoothing the appearance of cellulite.

3. How to use cucumber to Polish shoes

You also get the impression that the Shoe Polish ends precisely at the moment when the shoes wear out? Instead of having to run to the nearest store for a new tube, better look in the fridge.

If you RUB a cucumber slice leather shoes, they will Shine, as from the title, but without a sharp odor.

4. How to use cucumber to fix a squeaky hinge on the door

Which is annoying more than ever the squeaky hinges? But all such minor repairs are often postponed for later, and sometimes it’s not reach months.

Now you don’t have to rummage through the box of tools or leave the comfort zone in search of a solution to the problem. Just try rubbing the hinges with a cucumber. It works as a lubricant, and the squeak will disappear immediately.

5. How to use cucumber to reduce bags under the eyes

We have long known that applying cucumber to the eyes reduces puffiness. And this trick really works! Water and coolness of the cucumber reduce inflammation. Besides, close your eyes even for a few minutes – this is so cool!

6. How to use cucumber to prevent the appearance of pests

Many people like the taste and smell of cucumbers, but the parasites have on this account their opinion. These types of insects, such as ants, moths, wasps and ticks can’t stand the smell of cucumbers.

If you have a problem, just lay the cucumber slices in places where pests. And they’ll back off.

7. How to use cucumber to make a steam bath

In beauty salons often use products based on cucumber, so why not try to cook them at home?

Home steam bath with cucumber effectively regenerates the skin and saturates it with vitamins. Just fold the sliced cucumber in a bowl and cover with boiling water. The beneficial properties of cucumber with the steam gets on your skin and heal it.

8. How to use cucumber to freshen breath

To eliminate bad breath is possible without a toothbrush – just a slice of cucumber. Throw it in your mouth for 10 seconds and then remove. In the mouth a pleasant sensation of freshness, almost mint.

This trick can be done in the case when there is no opportunity to go to the bathroom.

9. How to use cucumber to Polish the sink and taps

You don’t like the look of your taps? Try rubbing stainless steel with a slice of cucumber. This vegetable is incredibly effectively removes stains from the surfaces, returning them to a mirror Shine.