Using$ 10 Million in capital cities Media: Lisée on the same wavelength as PKP

News 24 January, 2018
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    Marc-André Gagnon

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 09:44

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 10:26

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    SHAWINIGAN | like Pierre Karl Péladeau, the head of the parti québecois Jean-François Lisée borst government assistance to the newspapers of the Group capital cities Media.

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    Mr. Lisée, however, refused to condone the attacks made on social networks by the president and ceo of Quebecor to journalists of the media company led by former liberal cabinet minister Martin Cauchon, which is part of The Sun, in particular.

    “Me, you know my attitude toward journalists : respect them, and then once I’m not in agreement, and then I hold back, but to each his own style. Each to their own style,” said the leader of the Parti québécois, then that opened up the caucus présessionnel of its parliamentary wing, Wednesday morning, in Shawinigan.

    Even if he believes that the journalists of Group Capitals Media “are perfectly independent”, it remains that Mr. Lisée is “very weird”, the way in which the government of Philippe Couillard has decided to take to support them.

    Ethical problem

    “The liberal government gives$ 10 Million, without transparency, without accountability to a press group led by a liberal and you know the editorial line of their owner, it is to support the liberal Party… Is it a problem? Of course, that it’s a problem,” said Mr. Lisée.

    At a time when “the press is in danger”, the head of the parti québecois to be said in favour of the State to support the press “in general” and the regional media, but only if it is done within the framework of a program prevents it.

    “It must be done in a framework that is clear, that is transparent and that does not lend the flank to no criticism. This is not what the government has done. And I think Peter Karl is quite right to say that this is not like that we must ensure the independence of the press”, said Mr. Lisée.

    The shadow of PKP

    At the entrance to the caucus, the questions of the journalists regarding the possible return of Pierre Karl Péladeau in the policy have been many. Recall that Mr. Péladeau has revealed during a radio interview on Tuesday that his daughter had encouraged him to go back into the arena.

    “I learned yesterday that Romy was okay with me, that this would be a good idea. For the moment, he said no,” said Mr. Lisée, who met yesterday with Mr. Péladeau, and was invited to continue its discussions with a view to the next elections.

    “It is never party (the PQ). […] We always knew that it would be”, was launched from his side the member of the parti québecois Nicole Léger, who will not be a candidate in the next elections.

    “On the return of Mr. Péladeau, I think that all the progressive elements are allowed in the Parti québécois, said in his turn, François Gendron. […] I am not in his head, I’m not in his thoughts. Except that it is clear that it has had the taste of doing politics”, he observed.

    The dean of the national Assembly, that has yet to be confirmed if he will seek a new mandate this fall, refuses, however, to question the leadership of Mr. Lisée.

    “Mr. Péladeau is welcome if he wants to join the team in the fall of candidates,” said Mr. Gendron. […] The troops are behind Mr. Lisée. […] The leader of the Parti québécois for the next election, it is Jean-François Lisée.”