Valérie Létourneau decided to stay in Florida

News 9 September, 2017
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    Saturday, September 9, 2017 12:00

    Saturday, September 9, 2017 12:00

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    Used to go on the ring, the fighter of the mixed martial arts Valérie Létourneau, who is currently in Florida, has decided to stay in his home in Boca Raton and prepare for the hurricane Irma.

    The Quebecer was assigned Saturday to the antenna of LCN how many it has been difficult to make a decision at the dawn of the arrival of the storm.

    “My daughter is in Montreal, in security. I decided to stay, I am alone with my five dogs,” she recounted.

    The athlete 34-year-old has justified his choice by ensuring that she was well prepared. “I feel safe, I don’t think the water will reach me, I’m not on the edge of the sea, I am in Boca Raton, the is, and I’m on the fourth floor with walls in concrete. Fortunately for us, it goes more to the west. Everyone is really well-prepared here, I hope that this is the case for those who are in the west.”

    Valérie Létourneau has prepared throughout the week to handle the hurricane Irma. “It was a lot of work, it was necessary to prepare the houses, to drop the nuts of coconut palm trees, there are so many details which one does not think.”

    To the antenna, she also spoke of the solidarity between neighbours, but on the other hand the greed of others who want to enjoy the nature that is unleashed. “There are hotel rooms that were $ 100 and are now at $ 700, I don’t understand that people take advantage of the situation,” she said.

    The sport, which is recently injured, was held to be reassuring as to his return. “I am ready and I am training, I have a fight scheduled in the month of December.”