Valérie Trierweiler in the face of rumors, the ex of François Hollande tells of the hell of the Elysium Gala

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Installed in the Elysée palace alongside Hollande for more than a year, Valérie Trierweiler has agreed to roll back some painful moments of this period on the occasion of the promotion of his latest book, The Secret of Adele.

If she has never officially been married to François Hollande, Valérie Trierweiler has lived with the former head of State for over a year and a half. Many months that she spent at the Elysee palace as first lady. Back to normal life, and at his paris apartment, once separated from the head of State, in January 2014, the mother of the family has regained a normal life. Last month, in may 2017, it has taken the decision to publish his first novel. More than two years after the release of Thank you for this momentValérie Trierweiler is interested more here at his personal life, but rather to that of Adele Blach-Bauer, one of the muses of the austrian painter Gustav Klimt. The former first lady assured the magazine The Point: “Adele has nothing to do with me ! If I had wanted to talk to me, I would have made a Thank you for this moment, volume 2. Anyway, if I had told the story of a little Chinese of the Twelfth century, I think that some people would have still found things in common with me ! “.

Despite the assurance of a story unrelated to her own experience, Valerie Trierweiler has been brought to immerse themselves for a moment in these 20 months past rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. Establishing a parallel with one of the situations faced by her heroine, the author confirms that she received anonymous letters when she shared the life of François Hollande. The first letters arrived during the election campaign, she says. And once at the Elysée palace, I was told that I was not a first lady, because I was not married. The presidential campaign remains in his mind one of the worst memories of this period. You do not measure the violence of a campaign, she says. It is 24 hours on 24. It is believed to know. But all the rumors, all these attacks come from the inside… All of this is of a great violence. “ So, to force, the mother of the family has learned to build a protective shell in the face of attacks. Particularly in the face of those who have come to social networks. “At the beginning, it can be tempting to look at, “says the mother of a family. And it hurts, we are human, like everyone else. It would be lying to say that the attacks do not hurt. Then, we no longer look. “These dark hours now in the rear-view mirror, Valerie Trierweiler plans to move forward and would prefer not to spend too much time on his past. “This period represents 20 months on 52 years of my life. I have enough of it that it brings me back to those 20 months continuously. I see this period as a parenthesis. There is no nostalgia.” The future? May be that of a writer. Valerie Trierweiler says in effect that it would be willing to retry the experience of writing with ” a novel that would take place in a past time “…


Valérie Trierweiler, François Hollande

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