Vancouver is recruiting our teachers

News 5 February, 2018
  • Vincent Larin

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 23:45

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 23:45

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    School boards in British Columbia are grappling with a shortage of teachers of French look to Quebec to recruit despite the lack of staff also affects the Province of quebec.

    “This year the students of kindergarten in the integration of the French language had to be chosen by lottery because there are not enough teachers,” says the director of the educational programs of the Vancouver School Board (VSB), Adrian Keough.

    A decision of the Supreme Court has taken the school boards of British Columbia by surprise last year by forcing them to reduce the number of students per class.


    This judgment has had the effect to increase the number of classes and thus the number of teachers required, ” says Mr. Keough. There would be a shortfall of hundreds of French teachers across British Columbia, and a dozen only to the VSB, which has already hired 600 for a year, he adds.

    The lack is so great that the VSB will make in a dozen canadian cities this year for recruiting, including job fair in education at McGill University on Monday in Montreal.

    This tour is limited to once in two or three cities, according to Mr. Keough.

    Not a problem for Quebec

    The employment conditions difficult for teachers in Quebec are pushing some students to go to study outside the province, but they are still a minority, believes a vice-dean of the faculty of education of McGill University, Siona J. Benson.

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    Fiona J. Benson McGill University

    “The vast majority of students who come here want to come here […], but many are interested in attending to improve their knowledge of the outside before coming back here,” she says.

    Moreover, the school boards of British Columbia are not the only ones to try to attract our graduates in education.

    Institutions as far away as China and Australia will also be present at the event to the job fair in education from McGill to recruit French-speaking, ” says Ms. Benson.