Vanished without a trace five years ago: no news of Claude Cappuccilli

News 20 March, 2018
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    Tuesday, march 20, 2018 11:29

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    5 years ago, the life of Caroline Cappuccilli was changed forever.

    A Wednesday night like any other, march 20, 2013, Caroline and her husband Claude were together in the house.

    Then, without warning, the man, who was 44 years old at the time of the facts, has left the family home, located in the district of Laval-des-Rapides.

    Mrs. Cappuccilli was able to communicate on the phone with her husband about 45 minutes after he left unexplained the house.

    “Everything is okay,” assured Caroline Cappuccilli, Tuesday, in an interview with LCN.

    “Then, I thought he was on the point of return, but he never came home”, she told, 5 years to the day after the disappearance of his spouse.

    “It had never happened to him to make it. So I waited all night. I have tried several times to join, but I have never succeeded”, said Caroline Cappuccilli.

    The car of Claude Cappuccilli has been found on the pont Médéric-Martin, which crosses the rivière des Prairies, with the engine still running.

    “It was the exact spot where the cameras couldn’t see well,” said the woman.

    Since the disappearance of his spouse, Ms. Cappuccilli maintains that she has not had the full cooperation of the police in this folder.

    While research is ongoing into the rivière des Prairies to find the little Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou, vivid memories come to the surface for the family of Claude Cappuccilli.

    “I’m happy for the family of the little Ariel that there is research in the river. Because in the case of Claude, there is no research,” said the spouse of Mr. Cappuccilli.

    For Caroline Cappuccilli, look to the future is always very difficult, because she still does not know what happened to her husband.

    “We could not say that everything had been done”, she concluded.

    Mr. Cappuccilli is white, measuring 1 m 77 ( 5’8″) and weighs 59 kg (130 lb). It has eyes and short brown hair, a tattoo on the right shoulder and to the belly.

    People who have information can communicate privately with the Service de police de Laval, by calling the 450-662-4636 or 911, mentioning the folder LVL 130321 054