Vélo Québec denounces the measure Fines 400% more salt in the wound to cyclists: “it does not make sense!”

News 29 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 13:00

    Thursday, 29 march 2018 13:00

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    The québec cyclists pay the price of fines 400 % more salty than before if the redesign of the highway safety Code is approved, denounces Vélo Québec.

    Considering that this increase is unjustified, the applicant organization indicates that it is necessary to put the fine of the offenders, without putting all the offences on the same footing.

    The organization has made representations to a parliamentary committee in order to put forward measures to encourage active transportation.

    “Offences committed on a bicycle are they suddenly become a concern of public safety? That is the justification we, as a society, to increase drastically the amounts of the offences for cyclists, much more than all other categories of road users? This increase is without foundation, abusive, and out of all proportion,” said the organization via press release.

    In an interview with LCN, Suzanne Lareau, the president of the organization pointed out that some offences cost so expensive that they exceed the value of the bike.

    The fines ranged between$ 15 and$ 30 (plus a$ 15 fee), will now be set at between$ 80 and$ 100 for a single offense.

    “What doesn’t work is that the fines will all be on an equal footing. You bruliez a red light, or you are missing a reflector, you will end up with a fine at a minimum of$ 95 to$ 100,” says the CEO of Vélo Québec.

    The sports that are of a road bike could even get up to $ 250 fine because there are no reflectors on the pedals of these machines. Cyclists must wear reflective stripes around the ankles.

    “It is unreasonable. The SPVM is of the same opinion. He says that it is necessary to have a gradation in fines. If the fines are too high, it might even encourage the police not to give. I don’t think this is productive,” says Ms. Lareau.

    Vélo Québec has proposed to increase certain fines, but in a reasonable way. “We told them it was between $ 15 and $ 30, increase-between 30$ and 50$. It’s going to be a deterrent. The majority of the bikes are worth between$ 250 and$ 300. We may have fines higher than the cost of the vehicle.”

    “There is no fact which justifies such an increase. It was a ministry of sustainable mobility. And to encourage people to travel by bike, it helps to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas, it improves the health of individuals, it reduces pollution. We should do everything to encourage, while discouraging dangerous behaviors,” says Ms. Lareau.

    The draft law is not adopted and Vélo Québec wishes to roll back the government.