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Sport 10 November, 2016

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Venezuela – Bolivia: the match will take place outsiders?
Venezuela – Bolivia. The forecast for the World Cup Qualifier 2018 (11/11/2016).

Venezuela vs Bolivia preview

Bolivia and Venezuela firmly settled on the bottom of the table in the Americas region and in contact with the World Cup is likely to no longer dream. As a full-time meeting of teams will be held in such a situation?
2018. Qualification. South America. Venezuela – Bolivia
November 11, 2016, 02-30 GMT

Now Venezuela is a major underdog in South America, two runs scored in ten games a catastrophic rate, and goal difference 9:26 speaks volumes. It is possible that in the play of the team reflected the most severe situation in the country’s economy, its crisis is completely destroyed. The only bright spot in recent years is a draw with Argentina (2: 2), but the following commands in a dry lost to Uruguay and Brazil, before there were setbacks with Chile and Colombia.


Not far from his rival left and Bolivians – are now in the asset team four credits earned for the home draw with Ecuador and win it over Venezuela (4: 2). Play hard in Bolivia, the country is mountainous, but down to a normal height, the team crumbles and five exits points are not scored, goal difference was 1:14.

The score of the first match hints at the possible impact of the game, but do not jump to conclusions is, Bolivia only at home can show something in attack, and Venezuela seem to just sink along with the economy, and scored only on major holidays. We believe that as a result of more than three goals opponent does not score.

Odds BK 1xStavka:
Venezuela – 1.58
Draw – 4.44
Bolivia – 6.10

Forecast: total less than 3 goals

Ratio: 1.70

Size rate: 5% of the bank