Verstappen wins the Grand prix of Malaysia, Stroll in the top 10

News 1 October, 2017
  • AFP

    QMI agency

    Sunday, October 1, 2017 05:16

    Sunday, October 1, 2017 05:16

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    Max Verstappen has won the pole position at the Malaysian Grand prix in Formula 1, Sunday. For its part, the Quebec Lance Stroll finished 8th.

    The Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), which celebrated its 20th anniversary on Saturday, has completed the Sepang circuit ahead of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull), in order.

    Lance Stroll in his car from the stable of William is among the top 10. It is able to maintain his team-mate Felipe Massa behind him, he occupies the 9th position.

    Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) finished 4th.

    The Finn Kimi Räikkönen has abandoned the race even before starting due to a detected problem on his Ferrari at the turn of output of the wells.