Victor Mete could remain in Montreal much more than nine games, according to Julien

Sport 5 October, 2017

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
“At this point, we approach things with Victor, thinking that he will be here all year,” said head coach Claude Julien.

Charles Hudon and Victor Mete were radiant yet happiness than a dozen hours after having been informed that they had earned a place within the Montreal canadiens in view of the opening of the regular season Thursday night in Buffalo to face the Sabres. Mete was even allowed to smile a little more, taking knowledge of some of the remarks rather flattering to its subject.


“At this point, we approach things with Victor, thinking that he will be here all year,” said head coach Claude Julien during the English-speaking element of his media scrum, Wednesday noon at the Bell sports Complex.


“We do not think we could give [to his junior club] after nine [games]. I prefer to think positively and I believe that he showed very good things during the preseason matchups, and if it changes, we will react accordingly. “


Made aware of the comments of Julien, Mete seemed incredulous, he who had just declared, a short time before, that he had said nothing about the duration of his stay potential with the Canadian. “Oh ! It is good ! It is also my intention to stay here. If I manage to do it and that I am there for 82 games, it will be an honor for me, ” responded Mete, who was accompanied by his girlfriend when he knew that his stay in Montreal was going to continue.


Julien believes that Mete has not committed any egregious error during the preseason matchups and has made many more good moves than blunders. “I saw little things, like being taken just a little too out-of-position. These are small details that can be adjusted easily with the help of video sessions, ” said Julien.


The supper team


It is on the occasion of a supper team in the late afternoon on Tuesday that Hudon and Mete have learned the good news from the mouth of the general manager, Marc Bergevin. It came to the time where the Habs had to carry his list of 23 players to the offices of the national League.


Hudon, was of course obliged to share the news with people in her immediate surroundings.


“It was a very emotional moment for my family, for all the world around me. After the dinner of the team, I called my parents. It was amazing to speak with my father. You would have said that he had no emotion. I called my coach, Steph Dubé, one has screamed like that can’t be true. These are strong emotions. It is a child’s dream to be here. I live it one hundred percent. “