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Entertainment, Techno 12 July, 2017


France 2 has released a preview of what awaits the viewers of Fort Boyard on Saturday night next. And as usual, the fright will be at the rendezvous, isn’t it Agatha Auproux ?

The phone booth abandoned is Fort Boyard, the shark fin is to Steven Spielberg, the shower curtain in Alfred Hitchkock or even the stairs to the election of Miss France, a purveyor of absolute anguish. An event dreaded by the participants in the adventure game France 2 to participate Agathe Auproux, the small protected Cyril Hanouna, who has joined this year the band of the chroniclers of TPMP.


The journalist of 25 years that, once inside the cabin, has warned the father Fouras : “I’m going to pee on it “. The old man who as always is a pleasure to take all of his time to read to him the puzzle to solve. Except that, in the meantime, the flies that were in charge of welcoming the young woman were joined by cockroaches, toads, and a snake. Result : the shrill cries that were not dissimilar to those that had offered Laetitia Milot, Fabienne Carat, Laury Thilleman, or Loana.


An extract of leaves of course expect a show, once again, fascinating ; also because Agatha Auproux was accompanied in this adventure by Magloire, Nelson Monfort, Camille Cerf, Gérard Vives and Thierry Samitier ; a cast prompt to provide fun, certainly.

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