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Of passage in Poland for an official visit, Donald Trump has been snubbed inadvertently by the first lady of poland, all in front of the media cameras gathered for the occasion. A new moment of solitude for the american president.

Prior to joining its more prominent counterparts at the G20 summit, organized in Hamburg in the next few days, Donald Trump has taken advantage of his european tour to visit the chief of the Polish State. After a day of exchanges, the two men and their wives said goodbye in front of the cameras of many media. Donald Trump then turned to Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, to shake his or her hand. Seeing this, the first lady of Polish Agata Kornhauser-Duda was, she headed to Melania Trump in order to greet them. It did not, however, realized that the american president was so close already to hand. Result: Donald Trump is planted on the stage, hand in the void, visibly upset. The first lady of Polish then turns to him to finally greet him. A moment of solitude captured by the cameras of the BBC.

The american president definitely does not have luck when it comes to shaking hands. On the 25th of may last, his shaking hands at his first meeting with Emmanuel Macron had already caused much ink to flow. Some experts employed by major us media then going up to analyze the gesture, to the antenna, frame-by-frame. After seeing his hand crushed by his French counterpart, Donald Trump, therefore, comes to be snubbed infront of the camera by the first lady of Poland. Hope that the leader does not let itself disturb by this short time of discomfort. From Thursday to Saturday, it will have to be exchanged with the other 19 leaders of the most powerful of the planet on the occasion of the G20 organized in the north of Germany. Perhaps will it simply ensure that no camera is present at the time of his meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Donald TRUMP takes the wind monumental by the first lady of Polish
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