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On 13 July, the traditional speech to the armed forces had a bitter taste for the military. Very rebounded against the head of state-major in the army, Pierre de Villiers, Emmanuel Macron has not been shy to the crop, and establish its authority.

If Emmanuel Macron is no lack of sense of humor, in terms of policy, he is not joking and leads his troops to the stick, not hesitating to admonish the unruly. Witness his first speech to the armed forces of 13 July, which sounded like admonitions to the public, on a background of humiliation.

And for good reason, the chief of staff of the armed forces has openly criticized the effort budget of 850 million euros, imposed on the defence for the year 2017, the 12 July last year in front of the deputies. Peter de Villiers did not mince words, rétorquant thathe was not going to let himself befucked byBercy” and threatening to resign. A rebellion that was deemed intolerable by Emmanuel Macron, who is shown dry and firm in his address to the Hotel Brienne, making overt reference to the incident.

I think, for my part, that it is not worthy to spread out some of the debates on the public square. I have made commitments. I am your chief. The commitments that I take before our fellow citizens and before the armed forces, I know the hold. And I have in this regard need no pressure and no comment. “, he said. Before recalling Peter de Villiers discretion relative to his rank. “I like the sense of duty. […] And what I sometimes find difficult to consider in some sectors, I admit it even less when it comes to armies.”

“I am your leader “: Macron replied curtly to the rumbles in the French army

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) July 13, 2017

The war between the executive and the armed forces is declared. Only remains to wait for the response of the principal.

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