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Just seven years old, the little Manon, the daughter of the swimmers Laure Manaudou and Frédérick Bousquet, are already showing to be comfortable in the water. On Instagram, the little girl has been immortalised in a full dive.

If it spins now the perfect love in the arms of the singer Jérémy Frérot, Laure Manaudou has lived through the spent some time with the swimmer Frédérick Bousquet. To their union was born the little Manon. Today seven-year-old, the child is able to melt the heart of Jérémy Frérot in a look already seems to be ready to walk in the footsteps of his illustrious parents. While Laure Manaudou and Frédérick Bousquet accounting for two dozens of gold medals and a nice handful of world titles and olympic, their daughter is already proven in the basin. The evidence on Instagram, where, thanks to his mom, the little Manon was immortalized in full action.

On the video a few seconds shared by Laure Manaudou with its more than 100,000 subscribers, the little girl appears in the garden of the family home, standing in front of a swimming pool. Back to the goal, wearing a swimsuit, a child of seven years old has his eyes fixed on the basin. In an instant, she crouched and then leaped in the water the image of a frog. In a comment, her mother enrolled elsewhere these few words: “Frog love. Clearly, Manon is already preparing for his future international competitions. In the meantime, the daughter of Laure Manaudou will get a nice surprise. In a few months, she will have the chance to welcome a little brother in his family. Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot expect indeed a happy event. Manon, she a new partner game.


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