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Entertainment, Techno 18 July, 2017


Jennifer Lopez has posted recently a video of her and her daughter Emme on his account Instagram. At 47 years old, the singer thoroughly enjoyed her role of mom, and her daughter, who looks like him as two drops of water, he makes it well.

A small-time accomplice between mother and daughter. Jennifer Lopez posted on Instagram a very short video of her and Emme. The same curls, the same eyes, the mom and the young child pose twined together, one against the other. In the caption, the singer commented on this fleeting moment :”When you want to take a photo but that is the video that turns on … #momentsprécieux #noixdecoco. In fact, we can see that Emme is trying to take a photo and that J-Lo taps on the screen to trigger the mechanism. Missed, this will be a video of a tender moment between the actress and the little girl of 9 years old.

Jennifer Lopez loves to spend time with her twins. They are, moreover, already come with it on the tv show of Ellen Generated. Her child, rather mischievous, had hidden in a box and had played with the presenter. In general, the interpreter can Get Right likes to have fun with the younger generation. She recently participated in a show where she was taking a dance class held by children. A moment full of generosity, where the star did not hesitate to wet the shirt to do honour to the small toddlers.

When you’re trying to take a pic and video is on… #preciousmoments #coconut

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