[VIDEO] Leitao interrupts the reading of the budget to launch a message

News 28 March, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark/QMI Agency
    The minister of Finance, Carlos Leitao

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 17:10

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 17:10

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    Then he spoke in the budget speech that he has tabled in the national Assembly on Tuesday, Finance minister Carlos Leitao has interrupted his reading to pass on a message…

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    “In the framework of the national strategy of the labour force, the government will devote significant resources to a better integration of immigrants into the labour market. As you know, Mr. Chairman, the integration of immigrants is a sensitive topic for me”, has from the outset indicated Mr. Leitao before his digression.

    “40 years ago, my family and I have been remarkably well received in Quebec. Let me deviate a little bit from my speech, Mr. President, to acknowledge the presence here of someone who is very important to me: my mother, who made the decision, with my father, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us, but they have made the decision, 40 years ago, to immigrate, to come to Quebec. This is not easy, immigration, but it works, on immigration, Mr. President,” he said.

    The Finance minister then emphasized the presence of his two daughters. “Here you have the proof that it works, the immigration, because there is a generation, two generations, there is a third-generation, the Montreal-based pure-wool work very well in the new Quebec. Good, the fourth generation, we will see, it does not depend on me”, he said laughing.

    Mr. Leitao said duty “and much of Quebec,” and said to have “the heart of giving back to Quebec and to Quebecers what they (him) have offered for the past 40 years…”. “For Quebec, immigration is a source of richness and growth. And it works”, pleaded he.

    The minister has subsequently continued his speech for many minutes and had to interrupt his reading again since he had forgotten to acknowledge the presence of his wife! What has made laugh with his colleagues.

    “Mr. President, before I do find myself in trouble, in difficulty, I also want to acknowledge the presence of my wife, next to my mother. Because my wife is also an immigrant, she came here there are more than 50 years, and it’s going very well also. Then, one stops there, but there are also my sisters and… Good!”, a-t-he concluded.