(VIDEO) on Trial for sexual assault: guilty, he loses the sinkers in court

News 11 July, 2017
  • Nicolas Saillant

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 11:37

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 11:42

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    An ex-massage therapist became completely hysterical when he was on the point of being convicted of sexual assault on three clients, forcing the intervention of a dozen special constables in the court room.

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    The sentencing of the massage therapist Nadim Hajhattab turned into a real rat race this morning at the courthouse. The man who was already taken to journalists in the course of his trial is once again disrupted, this time in front of the judge.

    As it became apparent that Hajhattab was going to be found guilty by the judge Chantale Pelletier, the man violently hit the table in the box of cookies with his wallet before getting up and crying, completely hysterical.

    Long altercation

    The two special constables who were already in the room have then attempted to subdue the man with the large physical. Ensued a long altercation while the judge was leaving the room at speed.

    On the fourth floor of the palace of justice, the reinforcements took a few moments to arrive, during which Hajhattab was uncontrollable. The cry of “children” on many occasions, he was violently thrown to the ground a constable who was trying to help his colleagues.

    The spouse of the accused has, on the other hand, was arrested later because she was trying to interfere between the constables and his / her spouse. Finally, after the arrival of a half-dozen agents that the man was subdued without really being quiet.

    Handcuffed in the corridor to go down to the cells, Nadim Hajhattab shouted “you’re sick”.

    Guilty on all the line

    After this violent interlude, the judge decided to finish reading her decision in the absence of the accused. The one that had a clinical massage therapy at Sillery has sexually assaulted three clients in 2012.

    Demanding that they undress completely, the accused has touched intrusive on the genital parts of women without their consent. The judge determined that they were credible in their testimony and convicted Hajhattab of the three counts.