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Pierre Niney is an actor who is fully engaged in their roles. For the shooting of his next film, ” Save or perish “by Frédéric Tellier, it will be in the skin of a firefighter. The young man revealed on his account Instagram of his impressive physical preparation.

At the age of 28, Pierre Niney has already had the chance to have great roles in the cinema. In the film “The Odyssey” by Jérôme Salle, he was the diver Philippe Cousteau, a son of the famous commander. For the shoot, the young man had to follow, alongside Lambert Wilson, a highly trained dive. For the film “Yves Saint Laurent” by Jalil Lespert, it is again Pierre Niney, who had the chance to be selected to represent the famous fashion designer. He had known perfectly well adopt the attitude of the creator. A film that had earned him in 2015, the césar for the best actor.

For his new film, “Save or perish” by Frédéric Tellier, Pierre Niney is preparing to enter the skin of a firefighter. The film tells the story of a fire fighter who must rebuild after a serious accident during a terrible fire. Anais Demoustier and Vincent Rottiers are also to the poster of the film.

For the film, the young actor needs to gain muscle mass. So he spends hours training in a fire station in Paris. On his account Instagram, Pierre Niney has released a video of him climbing with ease to the rope. It is also seen to mount on a board and go down neatly with a t-shirt of the firefighters of Paris on the back. Pierre Niney has also shared an impressive video of an immersion where it is perched about 30 metres above the ground. Luckily for him, the actor does not seem to have the dizziness.

Exercises for the Filming of “Save Or Perish” Frederic Tellier ( with Anais Demoustier, Vincent Rottiers, Sami Bouajila… )

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8 day immersion with the Firemen of Paris—Maneuver large-scale 30 meters. #BSPP

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Pierre Niney

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