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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


Leaving, yesterday at Wimbledon, a collector of bullets to put a garbage to the garbage in its place, Rafael Nadal has angered some viewers ; some denouncing an attitude of a diva…

Take Rafael Nadal, legend of the yellow ball, turn the face luxembourg’s Gilles Muller in the eighth-final of Wimbledon, also add a scenario in their favour and, therefore, a stress at its worst, and you’ll get a controversy somewhat sterile, but that has startled some viewers british who attended yesterday to the defeat of the Spanish.

In effect, while the latter was fully focused on his chair at the change of service, he has had the “misfortune ” to give the gatherer of the balls in front of him, the paper of his protein bar so he put it in the trash. Problem, the trash can was next to him, but really just at his side.

Therefore, this small, casual wave of the hand has been commented very negatively on the web by people who obviously were waiting for the small blunder to pillory the Majorcan 31-year-old. “When you’re too rich to put your own trash in the trash can right next to you “, ” I can dive for tennis balls all day long, but this garbage is too far away “, ” I want someone who puts the waste in the garbage at my place ! “, a-t-and we could read on Twitter.

Prior to that Rafael Nadal could not serve because of the sun’s rays which were reflected on a staircase of the stadium, had asked the referee if a spectator could stand in front of it to protect it from the rays. A request somewhat amusing but understandable, given the stakes ; the Spanish, whose last title at the London date of 2010.

“I can dive for tennis balls all day long, but that rubbish bin is just too far away. “

— TheTruthIsOutThere (@LuciHoneychurch) July 10, 2017Rafael Nadal

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