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He just lost his son, Ludovic Chancel, the fruit of her union with Sheila. In the 70’s, Ringo was also a feature of the song. Miscellany.

Has its beginnings, of Guy Bayle, his real name was known as Ringo Willy Cat. Since the 60s, he attempts to break into the music in Toulouse, with the band Heart, alongside Pierre Groscolas. In the middle of the decade, they are noticed by Eddie Barclay through their times the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or the Kinks.

Barclay their record in 1968, two 45 rpm – psychedelic sun sitting under the snow (video below), and then basta.

The group separates. If Pierre Groscolas becomes guitarist Eddy Mitchell to triumph a little later under his own name with his hit Lady Lay (1974), Ringo throws himself also on his solo. His first success is called It, I don’t want it, released in 1971. He leaves quickly fall to the Willy Cat of his nickname, tired of getting him the nickname “TOILET” by the scoffers.

A tube, certainly, but nothing compared to the cardboard to Leave the gondolas in Venice in a duo with Sheila, who marks the year 1973. In the same year, it marie with the singer

For a decade, Ringo goes on a few tubes, including The girl I love that he performed live on the 29th of April 1977 on the set of Midi First on TF1. On this day, activists and anarchists are trying to invest in the tea, Ringo rejects, in a way a bit… brutal (video below).

At the turn of the years 80, the star of Ringo begins to fade. The last sparks of a variety of past fashion, her cover of Video Killed the Radio Star, translated in Who is this big black raven (1979) by Etienne Roda Gil, lyricist Julien Clerc.

And after… many things. Ringo made his last appearance on French television in Michel Drucker march 19, 1983, before converting in the restoration, then disappear of the radar.

Ludovic Chancel

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