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Entertainment, Techno 14 July, 2017


Invited to Paris by Emmanuel Macron, to celebrate the centenary of the entry into war of the United States during the commemorations of the 14th of July, Donald Trump has allowed himself to go to small comment to be questionable.

Yesterday, Donald Trump and Melania were treated to a tour of the Invalides in the company of their French counterparts. After a handful of hand very troublesome upon his arrival on the scene, the 45th u.s. president could not help but have a word with Brigitte Macron. Lowering the tone of his voice to not be heard, he launched “You’re in very good shape”, before turning to Emmanuel Macron and replicate “It is in such good form”, referring to the silhouette of the First lady of the French, put in value in a little white dress. And because it never stops in so good way, Donald Trump has concluded with a “beautiful”.

“You’ re in such good shape, ” Pres. Trump tells French first lady Brigitte Macron, before noting the same about Mrs. Macron to Pres. Macron.

— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) July 13, 2017

Published live on the Facebook of the Elysée palace, these statements have been repeated by the press across the Atlantic, which was eager to comment on this umpteenth overflow considered sexist. It must be said that their head of State is accustomed to this kind of escapades, a video compiles even his remarks the more derogatory towards women, but to compliment the physique of a First lady and what’s more, under the eye of cameras…

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