[VIDEO] Trial of Alexander Bissonnette: 600 jurors will be summoned

News 2 February, 2018
  • Kathleen Frenette

    Friday, 2 February 2018 13:48

    Friday, 2 February 2018 16:21

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    A total of 600 jurors will be summoned for the trial of the alleged killer of the mosque, Alexander Bissonnette, and these will be expected at the palace of justice of Quebec on April 3, next.

    This is what has been announced by justice François Huot, in the framework of a pre-hearing conference which has been under an order of non-publication.

    A week before the announced date, various queries will be presented and the judge will have to deal with before the start of the trial.

    The candidate jurors will then be called, and the judge wished to recall that these latter were in the obligation to appear, and the magistrate did not intend to laugh with this notice of meeting.

    In may 2016, it had launched a dozen warrants of arrest for as many candidates as jurors who had failed to show up to the court.

    Many exchanges

    Many exchanges took place between the magistrate, the Crown counsel, Mr. Thomas Jacques and François Godin and those of the defence, Charles-Olivier Gosselin and Jean-Claude Gingras. Bissonnette, dressed in black, the complexion pale, eyes and cheeks hollow, wandering his gaze on the various speakers, seeming to understand the exchange.

    He also spoke, in the very end of the interview, to confirm that it would not evoke an expertise in the car at the edge of which he was arrested on 29 January 2017, and which belongs to his father.
    Like the latter is the rightful owner, the Crown and the defence have submitted to the judge that the vehicle be delivered to him, what the judge has endorsed.

    Finally, the judge Huot has refused to make public two extracts from statements made by the parents of the accused and that the media wanted to obtain a copy because, according to him, the publication of such information would cause “actual harm, serious, significant and irreparable” to Bissonnette, who has the right to a fair and just trial.

    Remember that the man 28-year-old is facing twelve charges, including six for murder.