Volocopter will run until 2021 first flying taxi

News 6 December, 2017

Volocopter the company promises will start flying taxi until 2021. This was stated by the heads of service.


According to co-founder of the firm Alex Soela, in the next 2-3 years Volocopter will be able to speak with the first commercial use of the technology in the world. In case of positive scenario, the first flying taxi will start its work before the end of this 10 years. Zosel assumed that the starting implementation of the project will be able to cover specialized transportation problems. For example, a flight from one lakeside to another, or overcome the areas where the movement is complicated by traffic jams. In other words, it will be fixed routes, they will significantly expedite the movement of people in human settlements.

According to the route will move to 15 for a taxi, all they will earn in the mode of the shuttles, moving back and forth, as these trips will be pass very quickly.