Vozdovac vs Spartak Moscow live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 30 June, 2017

Vozdovac vs Spartak Moscow live streaming free
Forecast for the match Vozdovac – Spartak Moscow

July 1, 2017 at 13:00, in the program of off-season friendly matches a meeting will be held between the Serbian Vojdovac and the Russian Spartak Moscow.

Vozdovac vs Spartak Moscow preview
Serbian Vojdovac, for his more than a century of history, he failed to distinguish himself by big successes even on the domestic scene. In the last season in the Super League of Serbia, Vozdovac having played 37 rounds from the beginning of the championship, earned 48 points with a goal difference of 41:51 and finally took the 7th place in the standings. As for the off-season preparation, so far Vozhdovac has not played a single match, the next match is scheduled for tomorrow 27.06 against Orenburg.

Vozdovac vs Spartak Moscow prediction
In turn, Spartak Moscow in the previous season won the first time in a long time, the champion’s title. To say that this victory was easy, difficult. But Spartacus under the leadership of Carrera managed to win luck to his side, winning a well-deserved championship title. So far, in the pre-season preparation of Spartak Moscow held 1 control game against the Russian club Chertanovo, over which he won with a score of 2: 1.

The duel in Slovenia on July 1 will be the beginning of the confrontation between Vozhdovac and Spartacus. Considering that Vozhdovac does not represent anything serious, against his background Spartak looks just a grandee. I think that the nature of the upcoming game does not hurt the teams to show their best qualities. Still, I believe in “red-white” more. Bid: n2