VR Helmet: How to watch The Voice in virtual reality?

Techno 21 February, 2017

You have a VR headset and would like to know how to watch the show The Voice with it? We explain the procedure to follow!
The future is on! And it is TF1 that takes the lead by proposing one of its flagship broadcasts in virtual reality. For the new season of The Voice, users will be able to watch it through an application dedicated to virtual reality and developed by the channel’s engineers. So if you want to enjoy it too, it’s pretty simple. For smartphone users, just download the MyTF1 VR application to the App Store for those with an iPhone or Play Store for those using Android. The happy owners of a VR helmet, including that of the Galaxy S8 range will have a handle , will have to make one side of the Gear VR Oculus blind.
Once the application is installed and launched, it is enough to choose if you prefer to enjoy the virtual reality experience with its smartphone alone, a helmet or a cardboard. Once the choice is made, streaming videos will be offered for the happy owners of a solid connection or downloading for others. MyTF1 VR will allow viewers to put themselves in the shoes of the jury for blind experiments or enjoy performances in realistic conditions. Unfortunately, the live stream is not yet available but it is only a matter of time before it happens. After all, we can already feel the sexual odors in virtual reality! What do you think ?