VR: Soon a new stand-alone headset for Qualcomm

Techno 4 July, 2017

Qualcomm is partnering with Bosch Sensortec, OmniVision and Ximmerse, which is expected to make good progress in mobile VR. An autonomous helmet would be even in preparation.

The announcement is official and is likely to make pale Samsung and his project of headphones standalone: ​​Bosch, OmniVision and Ximmerse will join the development project of Mobile VR Sensor by Qualcomm. Most current VR helmets must be powered by a console, PC or smartphone. The advantage of autonomous mobile headsets is of course … autonomy! If Bosch takes care of the integration of a sensor for gyroscopy, OmniVision will take care of the development of the image sensor, which could be an OV9282. Ximmerse, meanwhile, will work on controllers optimized for the Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms.

At a time when even Apple is launching, although late in virtual reality with High Sierra, Qualcomm strives to bring the best results in the field, by embarking the cream of the cream: A 1 megapixel high-speed shutter, a BMX055 accelerometer for more precise inertial measurements, and a Ximeral Flip, a 3 degrees of freedom controller, which should allow for a multiplicity of interactions (pointing, shooting, selecting, Catching a virtual object …). This helmet looks really eerie and should normally be marketed by the end of the year. So what do you think?