VR: The partner of HTC Vive thinks that this technology could be a failure

Techno 20 February, 2017

Valve, one of the partners of HTC Vive, thinks that everything is not won with RV headphones and that this technology could be a failure!
The gamers know all steam! The platform intended for PCs and other Mac mainly allowing to buy dematerialized games without too ruin. For several months, Steam has set out to democratize virtual reality by proposing a lot of games oriented on the side of this technology in his catalog. For the big boss of the platform, Gabe Newell, virtual reality (soon available from Xaiomi with the Mi VR) is a rather risky bet and could be a failure as he entrusted to Polygon “We think the RV Is doing well, that it is going in the right direction in relation to our expectations.We are also very comfortable with the possibility of it being a total failure ”
It should not be forgotten that Steam is likely to lose much in case of failure and is one of the partners of HTC Vive , considered the best virtual reality headphone market . For Gabe Newell, the RV has even seen a very good start as he says “Even when you get into something, that you have a good starting point that works, there may not be much behind . “. The list of good ideas that have never been successful are very long and hope that this technology will not join the latter. But when we see that porno in virtual reality has broken records on Google on Christmas , we can be reassured!