Walkman, sound bar … The most beautiful gifts from Sony for Mother’s Day!

Techno 24 May, 2017

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but you still do not know what to offer? Rest assured, this selection of Sony will give you back the smile, between walkman, sound bar and camcorder.
Every year, it’s the same melody: We’re looking for the perfect gift to wish for a “happy Mom party”. If this festival, which is scheduled on May 28 in France, begins to become as commercial as Valentine’s Day, it still remains a perfect opportunity to offer a gift to her daronne. And this year, you do not want to offer her just her favorite flowers or the perfume that she cherishes. No, you want to enjoy it and play it like Nike who is about to release an Air Jordan 5 Camo ! Bah in this game, Sony’s selection for Mother’s Day has it all. Between walkman, camcorder and bar of sound, discovers the must-have of Sony that you must offer to your mother.
If your mom is a movie fan, a sound bar will make her happy. Yes, it’s true: the sound bars are often too showy, very difficult to store. But, the ultra compact Sony HT-MT301 bar has nothing to do with a conventional device . Thanks to its careful design, it is natural and neutral tones, it blends harmoniously into any place of life! The subwoofer will be forgotten: compact, it can easily be stored under the sofa. You can shopper this sound bar, by HERE , to 300 euros.
Is your daronne a real music lover? In this case, the Walkman Hi-Res NW-A35 from Sony is for it. With its specific design and fun colors, this walkman has been tested and will allow your mother to enjoy an intuitive touch screen and noise reduction to focus only on her favorite songs. If you want to shopper it , this is where it goes . Otherwise, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is available in pre-order as early as June 24th. So, still lacking inspiration?