Was named “Man of the year” by Time magazine

News 6 December, 2017

Not long ago, the publisher of the American magazine “Time”, summing up the past year, chose the most deserving for the title of “man of the year”. They were the activist movement “Violated the silence.”


Social movement “Violated the silence” (eng. – Silence Breakers), telling about the sexual harassment so “as is” was nominated as “man of the year”. The composition of the movement includes not only ordinary people but many celebrities. Among them, singer Taylor swift, actress Ashley Judd and former engineer of the company “Uber” Susan Fowler. Many social networking sites published stories have been subjected to harassment under the hashtag #MeToo.

This movement was created with the aim of call for victims of sexual harassment and abuse not to remain silent about these global problems and not break my life. And urged their participants without a doubt contact the police for help.