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Sport 5 November, 2016

besiktas-vs-trabzonsporBesiktas vs Trabzonspor live streaming free
11.05.2016 at 19:00 in the tenth round of the Turkish Super League on Vodafone Arena Besiktas Trabzonspor take. Bookmakers believe the favorite home team 1.47 – 4.7 – 6.9.

Besiktas vs Trabzonspor preview

Beşiktaş started the season very strongly, and above all stable. After losing in the Super Bowl against Galatasaray on penalties a team is undefeated for over fourteen games, and taking into account the group stage of the Champions League. Eagles take second place in Turkey and have a good chance to continue the fight in the European Cup. Wards Güneş played with new colors in perfect shape are the team leaders Abubakar and Quaresma, who perfectly substitute Talisku until it heals injury. Besiktas have a very busy schedule for the Eagles last month have already held 8 meetings, which will affect the physical condition of the players. At the same time, the team has safely passed this segment and morally is on the rise.

Trabzonspor lost a few matches at the start, at the moment found his game and issuing a series of successful results came out of the relegation zone. Compared with last season a lot of players left the club, respectively coach builds a game around the new players, which will take time. Performers level Oscar Cardozo, with all due respect to the current structure, the coach does not. Taking into account the restructuring of the team goals for the season set a more modest, this greatly surprised to see Trabzonspor in the leading group.

Free Prediction
On the home arena of Besiktas has a crazy support, the stadium is always full. In four home games in the national championship three team bully opponents and once played a fighting draw with Galatasaray. Today Trabzonspor inferior in all respects Besiktas, even taking into account games in two days on the third last. I expect major advantages of the hosts and as a result a convincing victory.
Free forecast for the match: Besiktas – Trabzonspor F1 (-1) kp. 1.82 BC Marathon