Watch Dogs 2: Comparison of San Francisco and its version in game images

Techno 23 November, 2016

watch-dogs-2-deadsec-marcus-wd2-ubisoftWe can say that Ubisoft has rather well reproduced the city of San Francisco, instead of Watch Dogs Event 2. Discover all in our comparative pictures in-game and real picture.

People who have played Watch Dogs 2, you can find our test here , have realized that the city in which happen the events of the game is San Francisco, California . If it does not, it is still a bit worried for them! Anyway, who says transcription in a game in real life city said options fail, but also very good surprises! We start with the most glaring symbol of everything San Francisco with Golden Gate bridge you can find here. Of course, it was good work to be as realistic as possible.

It is the same with the Chinatown gate that will immerse you completely in the atmosphere of SF. The greatest connoisseurs of the city will also recognize the Ferry Building in a slightly shortened version here, and the famous Market Street and Union Square . Finally and in conclusion, we can see that the dev Ubi have made a small kiff integrating the Ubisoft studios in Watch Dogs 2, something that had already been made with an easter egg in The Division. What do you think of these images?