Watches connected: Which model to choose to monitor your heart rate?

Techno 29 May, 2017

The watches connected today are used to measure his heart rate. But not to be mistaken, it is better to choose the ideal model …
There is an area on which connected watches want to position themselves: health! Thanks to powerful technical innovations, it will be possible in the near future to maintain your body. These first tools are just beginning to be developed and several manufacturers are trying to get the best out of the game by providing the best product. The Stanford University conducted a survey of several models like the Apple Watch, Issue 1 of connected watches , the Samsung Gear S2, Microsoft Band etc. The result ? In a market where competition is rather light , Apple is positioning itself as the best model to monitor your heart rate!
To establish this ranking that crowns the Apple Watch, which is available at less than € 380 , winner, Standford University was based on the error rate. The apple comes out with a margin of error of 2% while its competitor of always, Samsung, is inflicted a margin of 6,8% with its Gear S2. The South Korean will have to work a little more on this side to hope to break through this environment that is gradually opening up. It must be said that Apple has taken the lead for several years and put a lot of emphasis on its watch while offering affordable prices. A strategy that could pay off over time … Business to follow! What do you think ?