Watches Logged in: Sequent, the smartwatch at self-charge

Techno 12 July, 2017

A project on Kickstarter currently supports a connected watch capable of recharging alone. Named Sequent, the smartwatch uses to its advantage the kinetic energy. A precursor in matter.

The fans of Formula 1 have the memory of the KERS used a few years ago by the builders. This system allowing to regain the braking kinetic energy offered additional power to the single-seaters especially in the straight lines in order to easily overtake. However, he disappeared leaving only the DRS for the temporary gain of speed. The kinetic energy returns away from the circuits of F1 through a connected watch currently being planned on Kickstarter. Named Sequent, it uses this recoverable energy to recharge itself. She is one of the first to do this. What to give ideas to Apple and Samsung whose Gear S3 Classic and Frontier are currently on promotion.

In concrete terms, how does the Sequent manage to recharge itself? Just according to your activity. The more you move, the faster the watch connected. It is giving giving and ecological. When we see the difficulties for manufacturers to offer long-lasting and powerful batteries, the Sequent is timely. Aside from its battery life, it also contains the latest generation of GPS, heart rate sensor, Bluetooth. Wanting to be an asset for our health, it is available from 172 euros of donation on Kickstarter. The manufacturer hopes to deliver it by December 2017. Given its price, the project from Switzerland seems particularly interesting. Already financed at nearly 200,000 euros, it has largely exceeded the expected threshold. The Apple Watch currently on sale at Orange could have a strong competitor in the months to come.