Wave of disappearances and deaths: a serial killer targets the community LGBTQ2 of Toronto?

News 9 December, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Saturday 9 December 2017 10:58

    Saturday 9 December 2017 10:58

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    TORONTO | At least nine people have been reported missing since march in the gay village of Toronto, including two who were murdered, but the police ensures that no serial killer is targeting the community LGBTQ2 of the Queen City.

    The authorities wanted to silence the rumors Friday by holding a long press conference which was stretched on an hour, reported the National Post.

    The chief of the Toronto police, Mark Saunders, has admitted to reporters that his troops could not have done the best job in all of this.

    Mr. Saunders refuses to shine the spotlight of the investigation on a possible serial killer, that would target the community LGBTQ2.

    “The evidence tells us that this is not the case at this time”, said the chief of police, according to the daily toronto.

    Of the nine targeted people, two men are still missing and two women were found dead, including one who was transgender. The most recent victim, a woman of 22 years of age, died by strangulation and his body was found in the last few days, a week after the disappearance. It was his mother who made the gruesome discovery, which made us look bad to the police and calls into question the seriousness with which it treats this wave of disappearances and deaths.

    Another man who disappeared has been found dead, but it seems in his case that no criminal act does not explain his death.