We can now feel the sexual odors in RV

Techno 24 January, 2017

The concept may make you smile, but a site has pushed virtual reality up to offer pornographic … olfactory shows!
One of the sectors generating the most money on the internet is none other than pornography where webcam shows have a good share of income. Many amateurs and professionals exchanged their sessions and the prices can quickly climb for the spectators who came to discover the intimacy of these women. It is for the amateur audience of these shows that CamSoda decided to market the OhRoma, a virtual reality helmet … Screw on the nose ! This will no doubt recall the South Park video game: The Annals of Destiny (available on PS4 has costumiser cases for the console and controller ) which Ubisoft unveiled a Noculust Rift – never sold – many youtubeurs had experienced. Only here, it is indeed the pornographic medium that is targeted.
But how operate this CamSoda OhRama ? Nothing simpler: just put the funny machine on his face and add a refill during the show. Many fragrances are available as perfume , young woman sweat or pant . The user will only have to appreciate this olfactory experience in front of his video! Of course, like any technology that respects the OhRama of CamSoda can connect to your smartphone (like your Samsung Galaxy S7 including the deployment of Android Nougat is underway ) and other sex toys offered by the brand. Some will find the concept glaucous or strange but proposing to smell smells could prove interesting in other areas like non-pornographic videos or even video games! What do you think ?