Weather conditions more extreme

News 24 January, 2018
  • Catherine Bouchard

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 00:00

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 00:00

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    The weather conditions becoming more extreme, and lead to phenomena rather unusual, will gain in importance, warns the meteorologist Gilles’brien.

    Since the beginning of winter, Québec has experienced an unusual cold in December, followed by a warm spell out of the ordinary, the 11 and 12 January last, which has contributed to the exit of the rivers from their beds. Add to that a few snow storms, large-scale who have given much of the snow to shovel to Quebec, often accompanied by freezing rain, as was the case yesterday. In short, a really strange mix of weather.

    If several rely on the mood unstable mother nature to explain the whole thing, the meteorologist Gilles’brien warns that these extreme conditions will be increasingly amplified.

    “We have a climate that is increasingly disrupted by climate change,” says Mr. Brien. The studies reveal that the configurations in the atmosphere of pressures, such as ridges, valleys, and other systems, are more profound, severe, intense and amplified. “

    Nature unleashed

    It must, therefore, be expected that mother nature is unleashed more and more in the years to come. “It’s going to grow in importance, most of the researchers are consistent about it, warns Mr’brien. The warming climate results in winters a bit more mild, ” he continued. We also note that the amount of snow received was also found to decrease, but come in episodes more and more violent.

    More than ever, the population will have to remain alert and take seriously the warnings, said Mr Brien. “As we have seen, in the past year, with the bungling of the highway 13 during the super storm. There were 300 tanks that have stayed taken. People do not listen to the alerts and weather warnings, and they take risks, ” says the meteorologist.

    Less worse than expected

    Fortunately, the storm of Tuesday caused no major incident in the region of Quebec.

    There are a score of minor accidents on the territory of the police Department of the City of Quebec and “a few small outputs of road” on the side of the SQ. Regarding the work in the Saint-Charles river, the weather had fortunately not disrupted the progress of the chore of de-icing under the bridge of the boulevard Père-Lelièvre.

    No timetable has been given by the civil Security for the re-opening to traffic.

    — With the collaboration of Pierre-Paul Biron


    Precipitation of snow in January 23,

    • 2018 : 149,5 cm
    • 2017 : 161,8 cm

    Usual average at the end of January : 180 cm

    Average annual precipitation for Quebec : 303 cm

    Record rainfall : 558 inches in 2008