West of the island of Montreal : demonstration against the budget Plant

News 21 January, 2018
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    Event in Pointe-Claire, against the increase of taxes decreed by the administration of Valérie Plante, Sunday, 21 January 2018. SCREEN CAPTURE/TVA NEWS/QMI AGENCY

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    Sunday, 21 January 2018 19:37

    Sunday, 21 January 2018 19:37

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    POINTE-CLAIRE | The tension mounts between the mayors of the related cities and administration Plant. It is the filing of the first budget of the mayor who has set fire to the powder.

    “The mayor Plant has not come to see us before releasing his first budget, it is a completely non-democratic,” says an elected representative of one of the related cities.

    Since the demerger, on the island of Montreal, there are 15 related cities, including Kirkland, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Dorval, Mont-Royal, Westmount, and Pointe-Claire, which is precisely held a demonstration citizen, Sunday. The residents of these cities as their mayors, wish to be heard by Valérie Plant.

    The agglomeration council of the City consists of the mayor, 15 elected to the municipal council of Montréal and 15 seats for the reconstituted cities. However, the city representatives hold 87 % of the votes, compared to 13% for the other cities.

    Where will all this money?

    For example, Kirkland submits on an annual basis to the City of Montreal more than $ 29 million, of which 90 % goes to the share of general services, such as the STM, the police and the fire brigade. This is in addition to, among others, the water services and a contribution to the city centre of Montreal.

    “51 % of my budget is sent to Montreal,” says the mayor of Kirkland, Michel Gibson.

    “We have always been willing to pay our fair share to the agglomeration for regional services, then this is not the issue, it is how it is done “, adds another elected.

    VAT News has contacted the team of Valerie Plant. No comments were given concerning the claims of the mayors of the related cities.