Whale shark nearly swallowed the boat with tourists in Australia : In the World : Vladim

News 7 March, 2018

Off the West coast of Australia, tourists staged a walk on a yacht. The biggest fish in the world, apparently decided to swim with them, although over 50 minutes that she was under the boat, the shark could swallow the boat and its passengers.


Whale sharks most of his life conducting in depth, but the Ningaloo reef at coral Bay and Exmouth in Australia, these fish appear on the surface for several months of the year, starting in March. Lucky to see a whale shark tourists, who walk on a yacht off the West coast of the continent. Fish swam beneath their vessel for 50 minutes. This is a bit of a surprise to passengers, because the behavior of the shark was unusual, and during that time she could swallow them all together with the boat.


Photographer Tom cannon was also on the ship, he captured a strange phenomenon. The man said that he had come to Australia specifically to remove rare fish.