What a beautiful tram!… on paper

News 19 March, 2018
  • Jerome Landry

    Monday, 19 march 2018 05:00

    Monday, 19 march 2018 05:00

    Look at this article

    No joke, the video that we has been presented by the City and the government really gives the impression that Quebec will make its entry into modernity in terms of transport.

    It was almost eager to try it.

    This is when one starts to think that it is getting worse.

    First, we feel cheated and abused by a mayor who has spoken of the “transport structure”, but with the lips during the municipal election.

    How can he seriously have us believe that not everything was already planned before his dinner with Philippe Couillard in December?

    It’s just too big a project to have been concocted in 3 months.

    Strongly a referendum.


    While sales of new cars beats records, who is really going to leave his car at home to take the tram?

    For real there.

    When we look at the proposed route, except for the residents of the Upper City and those who live along 1st avenue, the vast majority of future users will walk, cycle, drive or take a bus to go join the main line of tram.

    This is where things get even worse in a city like Québec.

    It loses time by multiplying the transfers. It is better to take the car.

    Quebec is not Montreal, with his hell-road.


    One of the arguments defended by those who dream the tram is telling us that “young people want transit”.

    They will supposedly live in the “urban density”.

    But these young people, will also have a family life and active working day.

    And when these same young people realize that an average home can easily cost over half a million $ in Montcalm, they will return probably with their tanks to live in the suburbs.

    They will realize in their turn that it’s expensive a beautiful tram.