What are the signs of the Zodiac should be careful and who don’t have to worry

Techno 10 February, 2018

2018-02-10 14:02

What are the signs of the Zodiac should be careful and who don’t have to worry
The last 5 days of the corridor of eclipses.

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From 1 to 15 February, the Earth is in the so-called corridor of eclipses, that the number of problem situations beyond, reports Rus.Media.

Aggravation hot spots, new conflicts, financial shocks, revolutionary mood and a natural, environmental or technological incidents – in the “corridor of eclipses”, the number of such events is typically beyond the average limits.

Moreover, what is happening in the corridor of the eclipses, as a rule, has long-term implications.

“An example of such effect is the earthquake in Taiwan. It took place on February 7 and brought massive death and destruction,” – said the astrologer.

According to astrologers, the Eclipse is really causing trouble. If reduced to short wording, “they tear where it falls”.

“Forced to solve problems that have accumulated due to unwillingness to deal with them. Take away the power of something unnecessary, which we were not able to give up voluntarily. And such processes certainly seem to be painful,” says the astrologer.

This series of eclipses in the first place affects the axis Leo-Aquarius and Taurus-Scorpio.

So, Leos and Aquarius now is to exercise the utmost caution, and literally everything. The first is to monitor compliance with diets and sleep, it is recommended to take the usual drugs and not to delay the trip to the clinic for symptoms of new ailments. Equally important for this pair of characters relationships with others, which can be broken from-for unwillingness to make concessions, compromises, manifestations of loyalty.

Taurus and Scorpio should be more forgiving and less recall of the previous offense. It is important to maintain composure and to be wary of actions that could cause increased injuries. It is separately possible to note the tendency of this group of signs it is to such changes that they right now should be avoided.

Aries and Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces can not worry. However, excessive initiatives are now to be avoided.