What future for Nokia phones?

Techno 3 December, 2016

nokia-featureNew Nokia phones will be launched in early 2017, according to that on Thursday confirmed the Finnish company that has dominated the cell phone market for several years before the explosion of smartphones in late 2000. Here are some things reflection on what these devices should look like (or not).

Nokia phones designed by HMD Global Oy and assembled by Foxconn

Before advancing to the next Nokia phones, some clarification. Although they will be sold under this brand, Nokia phones to be launched next year will not have been designed by Nokia but by a new entity, HMD Global Oy. Their assembly will in turn carried by a subsidiary Foxconn, the company that assembles Apple’s iPhone.

Nokia phones will still have a bit of the DNA of the Finnish company in them. HMD Global Oy was indeed founded by former Nokia executives, the company is based in Finland and Nokia will have a say in the use of its brand. In short, the phones will have more to do with what the Nokia Polaroid gadgets have to do with the former maker of instant cameras, for example.

Avoid: attempting to compete with high-end appliances
One of the dangers that will prevent HMD Global Oy is one listen to the Nokia fans who want to see the company compete with Apple, Samsung and Google in the market for top phones range. This market segment is saturated, and even great phones, like the HTC launched 10 this year, very difficult to find takers.

Without the budgets of R & D from Apple, Samsung and Google, HMD Global Oy has simply no chance in this market.

To be careful: try to compete with Chinese manufacturers of affordable smartphones
HMD Global Oy plans to offer Nokia mobile phones in 2017, which is a good idea. This market has been abandoned by quite everyone, and even if it has shrunk considerably, the Finnish company could benefit from the appeal of the Nokia brand in certain countries.

The thing could be more difficult to accomplish with Android phones through low-end against. The offer is abundant, and profit per hoped device is virtually zero. Unless we find a secret ingredient, it is difficult to see how this option could be viable in the long term.

Consider: all bet on mid-range
Where Nokia could make its mark is in the midrange. Those who often read me know my opinion about it: it is the market segment with the greatest growth potential.

Nokia could compete with companies like OnePlus, Alcatel and ZTE (ZTE and excellent Axon 7) and manufacture phones sold around $ 500, with high-end features, but a reasonable compromise.

This is a market where the big players offer just about anything interesting, since they must first and foremost avoid cannibalizing sales of their high-performance instruments.

Considering that the market is less loaded, the best manufacturers of mid-range devices do not enjoy such a strong brand as Nokia and that the performance of mid-range phones are now quite sufficient for quasi all consumers, there is a segment where Nokia could place and move the industry.

Consider: Nokia reproduce forces

Whatever the devices will HMD Global Oy, the company will be sure to keep the Nokia force, otherwise the whole operation will be seen as a question of image only, and nothing more.

Solid Phones, bold designs, good cameras. This is Nokia’s strengths that Global Oy HMD must bet.

To be considered in moderation: daring radical ideas

One of Nokia’s strengths to reproduce however is double-edged. Enjoying both a new player status and a known brand, HMD Global Oy might be in a unique position to afford to try radical ideas to its products. At a time when all phones look the same, it is an idea that has its charms and could relate.

HMD Global Oy will however be careful to moderate his enthusiasm. For while Nokia was trying to be original with devices like the Nokia 7380 (photo above) and the Nokia N800, other manufacturers were adapting to market demand for smart phones. And when Nokia has finally taken seriously smart phones, the company has not opted for the operating system that everyone wanted.

In short, Nokia phones will this time find a fair balance between stand out and deliver what the public wants.