What is a Satellite Media Tour?

Techno 26 December, 2018

A Satellite Media Tour (SMT) is a single day, single location series of TV, radio and online interviews. This technique predominantly gets utilized by organizations to deliver a particular message by presenting a specific specialist to regional TV news broadcasts for live intercommunication. Satellite Media Tours resemble Video News Releases and the two mostly get used together. A video news release is a specially edited and distributed version of the satellite media tour account in which the broadcaster appends a voice-over.

Radio interviews can get scheduled in the event of the satellite window for creating interlinked SMT/RMT. Co-op Satellite media tours are the most common form of SMT. In this category of SMT, an expert makes proposals supported by several clients. This technique allows the spokesperson to get remotely interviewed by multiple outlets countrywide without the need of traveling to each market.

Choosing an SMT Firm for Your Campaign

Choosing a firm like KEFmedia.com – satellite media tours to conduct your SMT is crucial for realizing success. Depending on the specialty or purpose of your message, select a firm that can adequately represent your ideology. The following are some aspects that you should observe for when choosing the firm that will execute your endeavor:

  • Proper targeting & pitching to networks like TV stations
  • Conscripting a newsworthy and interesting media advisory
  • Final broadcast usage report
  • Interview air-checks
  • Subjective and credible message promotion
  • Remote location scouting and crew
  • Satellite and Uplinks
  • Set design and layout
  • Strategic & tactical interview queries
  • Studio reservation and on-site logistics
  • Talent/ spokesperson booking

Successful Satellite Media Tours

Satellite Media Tours tackle a wide range of subjects. So, when contemplating a satellite media tour for the next broadcast outreach campaign, three main criteria determine its success. If the answer to two or more of these criteria is affirmative, then your satellite media tour can hit the airwaves.

1.    Newsworthy Topic

A good SMT must have the characteristic of timeliness, captivating interest, and being entertaining. The Satellite Media Tour must to clearly express its purpose and address a topic that stirs the audience.

2.    Talent

The spokesperson or talent for your SMT project is fundamental. A top-class celebrity or someone with instant public recognition should always get considered to fill up your satellite media tour schedule. A less outstanding talent should have unprecedented credibility and expertise, and ready to effectively define why they merit the airtime.

As the face of the campaign, the talent is essential. Be scrupulous when selecting one by checking the spokesperson’s schedules; 3 months before and into the SMT project. Check for potential conflicts between your message and the talent’s position. Also, determine whether any other party has or is currently pitching the talent in any other media campaign.

3.    Location

If your story warrants being on air and either of the first two criteria goes wide, you should leave the studio to do the Satellite Media Tour in a remote area. A location interesting with compelling visuals to viewers is an excellent way of strengthening the Satellite Media Tour and securing interviews.

Satellite Media Tours offer a great way of facilitating corporate media campaigns. The framework constituted within this technique excellently suits the stringent corporate settings and requirements. Several firms today offer competent SMT services that your organization can rely on to deliver the most effective and reliable services.