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Techno 3 April, 2018

2018-04-03 17:13

What is scrosati and how to deal with them
Try to understand what is scrosati and how they threaten your relationship with a loved one.

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Modern technology has given us many new possibilities . Now “friends” with a stranger has become much easier . Social networks , instant messengers and Dating sites give us the ability to communicate with people from different countries . But the same technologies have expanded the possibilities for cheating .

With the emergence of social networks in psychology there is a new term that is called ” mcrozide “. What is it ?

Mcrozide is a secret communication with someone who attracts you physically or mentally , causing romantic or sexual attraction . While physical contact is excluded , mcrozide is only communication . Some equate mcrozide to flirt .

Melanie Schilling , a psychologist from Australia , defines mcrozide as a series of actions in relation to the person to whom you feel an emotional attachment , but which are not in a relationship .

Signs scrosati :

Continual correspondence with the man behind his regular partner .
Complaining about relationship problems with a partner one who is interested in you .
To communicate on intimate topics with someone who attracts you sexually .
To hide the fact that you are in a steady relationship .
To record people who are sexually attracted to you , under other names .

What is dangerous mcrozide ?

According to psychologists , scrosati can also be detrimental to a relationship as physical infidelity .

Simple communication with the object you want, nna will soon be small , so mcrose just one step before physical infidelity . In addition , if you used to hide from his regular partner some small details , soon can move on to larger ones .

How to deal with mcrozide ?

You can fight only by using straight talk . If you caught your boyfriend for mkrandow , you should talk about it , figure out what the value for it is a girl by correspondence, and to explain to a boyfriend why this is unacceptable to you .

If you know in yourself mcroran , think about how everything is okay in your relationship and how expensive you PAL , are you ready for him to leave her boyfriend .

Honest answers to these questions will help you to understand yourself and make the right decision .

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