What makes this robot, it is not funny

Techno 15 December, 2017

2017-11-17 12:11

What makes this robot, it is not funny
This robot will not put you out of business, but will replace you in a rocking chair.

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The company Boston Dynamics (recall that it is a very dynamic company of Boston) known for his “dogs”: video on buzzing four-legged “animal” BigDog, pirouetting through the thicket of a coniferous forest, back in 2008 made a strong impression, reports Rus.Media.

Passing through the sales cycle and acquisitions — their first bought Google, then isolated in a separate unit inside of Alphabet holding company, then sold again — the company is not particularly pleasing novelties, occasionally showing a new modification of the “dogs.” But 2013 is in the development of the Atlas robot: dvojnaja model a couple of years ago makes tentative steps on different surfaces.

And here is the last video. The concept has changed: the work will enslave us using lasers and jabs and low kicks.