What not to do in your birthday? And what you can do

Techno 15 December, 2017

2017-05-12 12:12

What not to do in your birthday? And what you can do
Signs on birthday.

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Birthday long attach importance to, ascribe magical meaning. Not surprisingly, it involves a lot of will. And if you observe them, you can control future events, to seek fortune and bring life happiness and success.

What to do in birthday

All famous people sign, the way you meet new year, so spend it. But it turns out that this belief applies to birthday. It was at this time there laying your personal programme for the coming year.

Waking up the day of your birth, tune in to good – so you will be as open to recharge with positive energy, that Higher Power went to this birthday party. She has great potential, the ability to restore a damaged energoblock. Good mood on this day is even able to remove from you the evil eye!

Unacceptable conflicts, sadness, aggression. Negative emotions block the flow of pure energy, and you will become especially vulnerable to black magic and energofinprom. Think only about the good, abstracted from problems. You will be projected to the birthday on your life, and attract.

If you are a believer, contact with prayer requests to God. They will certainly be answered and fulfilled. Good mood and a good mood on the day of birth is important because, according to ancient superstition, a man will meet this day, he will hold all year until the next date.

Advance purchase new clothing and lingerie for the celebration. Even if you do not collect the guests, all early to soak in and celebrate themselves, at least symbolically! Do not wear old worn things – will scare away luck. In the pocket of the dress put the money (if not the pockets, sew from the inside) – that they the whole year were carried out. And not change until the end of the celebration, even if filthy!

What not to do in birthday

We should also talk about what not to do the birthday boy in his birthday.

  • It is impossible to celebrate a birthday – it is believed that this will shorten their lives.
  • Do not take the day before the birthday and the holiday in debt (even salt from a neighbor’s don’t ask, and even more money!). Otherwise the whole year you will have financial problems, worries, troubles and conflicts at work.
  • Don’t give alms and do not let anyone in the debt – birthday- distribute luck and prosperity for the coming year.
  • Refrain from communicating with Nebraska – high risk to steal the other people’s sores. If this cannot be avoided, put into the pocket of the silver product (any) – it will strengthen your energy field, opposed to the disease.
  • The people you invite to the birthday, also have an impact on your next year. The celebration should not be 9, 13, 18, 51, 21, 13, 99 or 100 guests. It is believed that this number is likely to bring on the birthday trouble.
  • The same applies to the number of candles on a festive table and cake. If your age matches any of the above numbers, we can get out of the situation, buying candles in the shape of those numbers, or completely abandon the candles.

On the day of birth, the thinner the barrier between you and the subtle world, and you, because you become particularly susceptible to good and bad. So do not invite people with whom you are not too warm of a relationship, those whose intentions you doubt.

If someone broke the dishes on the day of birth, one should say: “happiness!”. To throw out splinters only on the following day – not to bring the house good fortune. The same applies to removal of debris – it is better to postpone it until the next morning.

What not to give for a birthday

Gifts also play a magical role in the life of the birthday boy. Therefore, an important and signs relating to them.

Count the number of colors in the composition (if, for example, spray roses, count the stems). It must be odd! Otherwise, remove one flower or discard the song.

It is undesirable to give articles, and pottery (wallets, gloves, vases, etc) – to troubles at work and problems with finances. In an extreme case, to “neutralize” such gifts, you need to put them in the coin. It can be done and the giver, and the birthday boy.

The knife in gift – conflicts in the family. The same applies to any sharp and cutting objects (needles, scissors, swords and the like). Do not give them! And if you do get them as a present for a birthday, you better get rid of them.

Pearls for the birthday child – tears, so don’t bring your products, inlaid with pearls. For this reason, you should not give handkerchiefs. If you did receive such a gift, it must be moistened in Holy water before using.

The mirror is a corridor between two worlds, the real and the otherworldly. As the birthday of our energy field is very vulnerable, the mirror, received a gift, can play a fatal role in the fate of the birthday. Look in the next day!

Don’t accept gifts from people whose honesty you are not sure, you may get a “surprise” in the form of damage or padding. If there is no possibility to refuse taking a gift, read to myself, “Take only what you see, but keep invisible”. And mentally. And if you still doubt about the intentions of the donor on a gift then get. You should ditch, not peredarit!