What relationships, career UPS and momentous changes in the world has in store for each zodiac sign for 2018

Techno 15 March, 2018

2018-03-15 20:02

What relationships, career UPS and momentous changes in the world has in store for each zodiac sign for 2018
Full horoscope Bernard Fcholar in 2018.

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The last three years, Saturn and Uranus are two of the main forces that shape this time were in Fire signs. In 2018 they move in the element of Earth, reports Rus.Media.

The most obvious change in the atmosphere will be associated with the return of Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. Although this planet is usually considered the main “anfan-terrible”, ready to spoil any fun, so it is able to make a positive impact. Like all planets, it is the most strong being in own sign — that is, just in Capricorn. Here, his power is not an obstacle, and a reliable anchor. Instead of opposing will and personal initiative, he promises stability and strength. Saturn in Capricorn is shrouded in an aura of security — and that is very encouraging.

But, as always, to certain aspects Saturn return home you will have to get used to. As this planet encourages the established order in every aspect of life, the years ahead will be stricter, stricter, more conservative; this trend is felt everywhere: from fashion to politics. A very favorable time for people of big business and financiers; those who try to escape from the framework, feel that to move ahead becomes more difficult. Saturn in Capricorn tends to cling to their possessions, for what good test of time. Experiments he did not like. And, as is always the case with air signs, which include Capricorn, to the fore the wealth — get ready for a large-scale demonstration of wealth and influence. Remember the late 1980s — the previous appearance of Saturn in Capricorn and you will understand what was going on.

With Uranium, however, is another story. Unlike Saturn, which tries to maintain the status quo, this giant seeks to change the current situation through innovation or revolution — and, with the advent in the sign of Taurus in the spring of 2018, his efforts will focus on those aspects that are commonly associated with this sign: space, territory, money, possessions, food. You should prepare for environmental shocks, as well as revision of borders in the troubled parts of the world. Possible changes in how we eat and what you eat. It is possible even a revolution in the financial sector — familiar money can start to lose their positions under the onslaught of digital alternatives. Of course, if change will come, not all at once. This year Uranus will be in Taurus is only six months, returning in November in the sign of Aries; however, in 2019, the planet will once again be in Taurus, where it will be until 2025. This summer, therefore, will be something of a dress rehearsal, which will allow you to assess the changes that will inevitably come in the next decade.

There are other planets that affect the way in which the rest of the year, and their effect will help to lighten the mood. Jupiter and Neptune, symbols of optimism and inspiration for most of the year will hold in a happy conjunction, continuing to provide us with fresh ideas, setting new goals.

Perhaps the main charm of 2018 — the fact that none of the distant planets doesn’t conflict with others. Yes, the movement of the heavenly highways will be very busy, but not expected no accidents, no jams; it looks like we can expect serious progress in achieving that goal. For many, the coming year may be the best for the entire decade! Still, we were chased by difficulties, but with the approach of 2020 clearly felt the end of another era.


This year will be remarkable in all respects. And at work, and on the personal front, change is coming, and you are ready to take advantage of the new opportunities, but, at the same time, treat it like a game, fun and addictive. Only by engaging in the process, you realize how she has serious implications; the chance to change your life would be real. Get ready: the stakes are high!

To undertake new business, leaving the past behind, never made difficulties — you repeatedly demonstrated an enviable ability to reincarnation. But this year you will be torn between two roads — the life to which we aspire, and what to leave behind. This attack of nostalgia so strong that nearly six months, you are able to move towards a goal, and tormented with doubts concerning correctness of a choice. Wherever you go, soon there will be unforeseen difficulties; you will have to spend a lot more time and effort than you thought. And the question immediately arises: are you ready to invest in your project all you need? Or decided on him, tempted by the apparent simplicity? And what does that say about your ambitions and dedication? Are you looking for an easy way out? Trying to answer all these questions, you realize that it makes you wonder about the life that you want to leave. Sure you want to permanently say goodbye to him?

Until the end of summer there will be answers, but the experiences will be forced to think deeply on the approach to life and their own abilities. Perhaps you are hard on yourself as you are before a good, and how seriously do you manage to move towards the goal in the last quarter of the year is proof of that. Just life got more complicated, and will have to get used to it. On the personal front, things are also not quite as I wanted. In January-February (and then again in July and August) there is a drastic change; but I believe that moving forward, the final break with the past is not happening until the end of the year it may well be that you will return to the same position from which you started. Everything else, all these changes happen on your initiative — they are caused by external circumstances, and you feel helpless. In the career situation requires you to strengthen the position — perhaps agree on a long-term contract. For many, this would be a clear step forward, but you fear that so would tie its hands. In financial terms, may and June seem good, but try not to overestimate its possibilities in the summer. August will cause nervous, but by the end of the year all will be well.


2018 will be for you a dress rehearsal of things to come. Of course, you are very carefully for any changes — so the opportunity to pre – “workout” will not only answer many questions, but will give you rest. The main driving force will be Uranus, the planet of big changes, what is included in your sign in may. To bypass all the twelve signs, she is 84 years old (in each he spends approximately seven years) so, appearing in Taurus, it gives rise to a new cycle that will change your life in all possible aspects. If you were able to find opportunities or time to realize their own ambitions in the coming years, the Uranium will be given a chance. Inspiring perspective, but at the same time, and scares, so I guess you only hand the coming of the Uranium will last for the whole summer, and then the planet will return in the sign of Taurus. The effect of its presence — the hint of potential in the future — you will feel immediately; perhaps there is some real prospects, but the rush to implement them is optional. At the end of the year will have a chance to evaluate the first experience. Maybe everything went well, and you look forward to the sequel, but maybe you need time to adjust…

In terms of personal life: a novel that in the end of last year began to “slip” now seems to be again gaining momentum, reaching the stage when it is necessary to think seriously about the future. Everything happens very quickly! Uranus in your sign teases a new, very different life that lies ahead, so at the crucial point… you say “no”! It’s not that you completely refuse (or rather, it is a call to give you a little time to think), but you are still appalled by his own determination. Until the end of the year you might be ready to agree, but the pause in October is absolutely necessary to bring thoughts the right.

2018 is the year in career aspirations — solar and lunar Eclipse in the upper sector of the horoscope to pull you forward, all of the above. Chance in the beginning of the year seems very promising to lose, and you are grasping at the opportunity, but after a few months can feel what has already exhausted its potential. Just look at the situation from a different angle; once you succeed, you will continue to develop the “core”. The decisive moment may fall on Aug.

From a financial point of view, the most successful will be in may, but in July and December should be very careful: in the current year, when changes seem all to rely on tested schemes impossible. Be careful!


You never had to complain about the lack of ideas and ambition, only often they are so massive that they can implement them in the current situation extremely difficult. In fact you need some kind of intermediate, easily achievable “step” (or more) that will be a good step towards this goal. Or, better yet, “locomotive” is ready to take you to the desired point. 2018 will help in becoming a perfect tool for your talents.

For some time now in the upper sector of your horoscope got Neptune, becoming an endless source of inspiration, but the promise of wealth and fame, he never says directly how to achieve them. And yet you are sure that where paved the way to the top. Recent years, Saturn tries to rein in Neptune; friends and colleagues unanimously advise you to stop chasing dreams and look to the future with a more realistic position. Sensible advice, and you understand it, but, deep down, still do not want to give up.

In 2018, Saturn and Neptune is freed from his obsessive care. At the same time leads to Jupiter, which is beautiful and supports Neptune, and so did you. Comes and help that you have been waiting for, and it is possible to expect for the next nine months. The powerful influence of Jupiter will allow to strengthen the current position and closer to the Neptune. What you dreamed of will finally become possible. It should be understood that both the giant planet will offer you numerous options, often simultaneously, so decide which is suitable, have their own. And, of course, on the way to the goal will have to work hard — as hard as this is not necessary.

Things on the personal front, in 2018 will probably be pushed aside by a large number of opportunities in other spheres of life thanks to the efforts of Jupiter and Neptune. Saturn, kept the love aspect under oppression for the past two years, disappeared, giving you the opportunity to develop relations in all its fullness. However, without constraining the eye of Saturn you may find that rossides. Many novels start and flourish despite the difficulties, but taper off as soon as the critical moment passes. Would it be so in your case is an open question; however, please note: until the end of the year you like not ready to commit there, where a year ago I would have agreed without hesitation. Obvious: now you see this relationship in a different light.

Promotion this year is inevitably tied to the opportunities offered by Jupiter and Neptune. Serious events are to be held on the change of the year — January and December. In addition, July will allow to improve its financial position possible, so that you will think about how to aim for a higher level (the events of December will determine whether you managed to achieve it, or not).


If for you current lifestyle is the result of a conscious choice? Or are you just trying to get out of the situation the maximum? Lately you are so used to putting work at the forefront that I can not imagine how we can live differently. If so, this year surprise and delight: for the first time in many months, you will have the choice and ability to set priorities, separating the important from the things that can wait.

A major role in the shift plays Uranium, which over the summer will leave that part of your horoscope that is responsible for career. Fading a sudden change of plans; no one else cancels large-scale projects and does not set unrealistic deadlines. Are the normal everyday way, and by the end of summer, remembering how the situation unfolds before you ask yourself, “how did I manage to survive this? In addition, it will become clear that many steps were quite unnecessary, although I didn’t see it. At the end of the year you will have last time to take in the chaos, but you realize that “Abraham” will last only a few months, and is not particularly worried.

The influence of Uranus supports the Eclipse that marks a major change in lifestyle. You are seriously thinking about how you live and what you do, and wonder whether all this is necessary? One of the eclipses will occur in your sign, hinting to search for the answer — what you want to be, how I want to live. This Eclipse followed by two more; their common goal is to help you to reinvent yourself and to be ready until 2020. In my personal life this year will put you in a dilemma. On the one hand, the stable presence of Saturn in the love sector of your horoscope translates into a sense of maturity and responsibility, which has been before. If you already have relationships with, you can find that think about transferring them on a permanent basis. If you’re free, then this year could “throw” a couple of promising — however, age and circumstances will now play a much greater value than before. And this is also due to the influence of Saturn. At the same time in another “personal” part of your horoscope sports a playful Jupiter, and its influence is not much less. Saturn encourages you to become sensible; Jupiter says that you need to enjoy life. Which of the planets, eventually the end will prevail — you have to solve. Career aspirations this summer will have to be revised. And not only that the influence of Uranus shifts your priorities, it is possible, what are you aiming at before, now no longer available. Current year changes and financial implications — both for revenue and expenditure. What had seemed a pressing need, now seen as luxury and Vice versa. You build up a whole new budget, and to put it together, it may take several months.


If you always knew in what direction to go in life, and is still steadily moving towards clear goals, but this year you have important news. Lying ahead of the path turns out to be not so straight as previously thought. And for the unexpected turn lies a crossroads, to guess which it was absolutely impossible. If you try, you will be able to slip the fork, but that probability is small. Most likely, you will choose a new path, and, therefore, will be able to neatly divide life into two halves — until 2018 and what happens now. Later, looking back (say, 2030) you will see which of these segments better. Simply put, this year is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

You’re doing great with the current task — so much so that they do not pose any difficulties. You must do something quite different, but even hand in a new business, most likely you will choose the area in which definitely will be able to succeed. Thus, you will bet on the existing talents, and, ultimately, will come to the same place and the authority is seen. The force of Destiny, acting in accordance with the program differs from your plans, push you on a new path, but only for a few months. This will only be part of a much larger process that will span the next decade and will help you to use your opportunities and maximize the potential where you currently use only a small fraction of it.

In 2018 in your sign or opposite to it happens four solar and lunar eclipses. And each of them will make you a good look at yourself and then make the necessary adjustments. Until the end of the year, you hardly recognize yourself. And it’s perfect!

In his personal life overwhelms you svejesobranna sense of freedom. In recent years, difficulties (personal, legal, or even medical plan) hinder the development of relations in the direction to which both aspired. Now all the obstacles disappear, but, with the advent of summer eclipses, you suddenly discover that the agenda has changed, and, compared to last year, there are already other goals and steps. Now you have space and time to find the right solution. If you like before want to continue this relationship, all will be well. At the end of the year is expected a happy ending — all differences settled, and you are ready to go to the happy future hand in hand.

At work, you are waiting for the additional load. It’s possible, that’s what you wanted, but at the same time, it seems that the new duties put you in a strict framework, not allowing them to implement their own ideas. If you really feel trapped, then quickly pdscott new career.

In financial terms, the most favorable will be February, July and September; in mid-June should be careful, but otherwise, everything will be fine.


As they say the best way to move forward, and in 2018, it seems, leaves you no choice, even if, at first, you are not ready to accept it as a given.

In the beginning of the year you look back: in those sectors of the horoscope answering to the past, there is an active movement of the planets. You might consider the idea to return to previous work or place of residence — because there you were good and you hope that happiness will come again. But, as you will soon have to figure out the “past” is not the same as before; lead past the door, against expectations, is already locked. So, there’s no turning back.

Then you think it is possible to consolidate current positions and to build future plans on this basis? “Stability and growth — is not the solution?” you say. All right. That’s just the way to the top somehow gets steeper and steeper — the slightest movement forward requires much more effort. Opportunities are also becoming fewer, and those that are, do not promise big prospects. Of course, you can still succeed, but the path to it is thorny and difficult; it is very likely that the next two to three years can zip, have not brought tangible results.

What do we have? Return to the past is not, and in the current situation the possibility is rather limited. The only way, it seems, ahead of, in the future, but it was always fraught with many problems and uncertainties that have not caused enthusiasm. This year, all the obstacles seemed to evaporate — the way is open to you. Go ahead — worth a look, what expects you in future. Perhaps watching in front of you slammed shut one door and another opens, you feel that is happening the hand of fate; even so, you have a choice? Like the tone and it was a fate better than to argue. Whatever happens, sooner or later will turn for the better, even if it is not always obvious from the start.

On the personal front, the main event of the year — the emergence of a new figure. And you will not have to spend time looking is the person will appear in your life for yourself: a new coworker, neighbor, friend of a friend… little by Little you will start a relationship; at first purely friendly, but, eventually, it will become clear how much you care about each other like waiting for each other emotional support. Besides, you are bound mutual trust is extremely rare and valuable a quality in friendship. And let until I clicked on it, oddly enough, it does not matter — both of you are not in a hurry.

It is likely that this year you get a new position, and even change your job several times, but, as before, remaining in the same field. We are talking about the next promotion, or about more than decent income. This ability to move gives you a boost of energy to think about new things becomes much easier.

Financially, the year should pass without shocks, with the exception of a few difficult weeks in the fall. But as the year of completion “in the black”, they quite successfully manage to survive.


As has happened in the past, changes in the love Affairs will result in changes in other spheres of life. You do not deliberately planned, but for anyone born under the sign of Libra, romantic relationships are the Foundation on which rests the whole existence, so a new novel often reflected in the ambitions and lifestyle, and at work. This year in the area of your horoscope responsible for romance, hopes and dreams, there is an unprecedented concentration of eclipses, so don’t be surprised: for new connections and tumultuous outburst of passion could be a change of job, moving abroad. In the first months of the year are you willing to let the situation slide; the process is familiar, and curious, you would expect destiny this time. The events of January will show that the current state of Affairs you are tired, and need to find a way to end it. As always, you try to avoid open confrontation, hoping to reach mutual agreements that will allow them to divorce quickly and without hard feelings. In February you are happy to spin a new novel, and the first half of the year flies in the euphoria. Every day life changes — new friends, places, affection… the Past strongly rejected and you there is no need to throw him a farewell glance.

With the arrival of summer comes the next stage. A time of impetuous changes behind us, and life becomes more stable direction. And, it can happen that broke novel has managed to burn down, and replaced by another, also pulls you forward, but in a very different direction. Until the end of the year you feel like you made a round the world flight; time zones are changed so often that it is not clear day outside or night. So that fall you take a small pause to know where we stand and what we intend to do next. Before the New Year you happy anymore. Nice to have a new and interesting life, but at the same time, it is clear that alone to implement all these changes it is unlikely you would be able. A number of novels have played a crucial role. Career should this year the events on the personal front, although a new position that awaits you in July might want to stay longer. Maybe you finally found your place?

In financial terms, the year can become record-breaking costs, but these are necessary investments caused by large-scale changes. Do not throw money uncontrollably, and no problems.


2018 will be for you the best year of the decade. Jupiter (first since 2006) is in the sign of Scorpio and will stay there until November. During the time that he’ll keep you company, you will fall almost endless stream of opportunities that will help to expand the horizons and improve life in all aspects. His influence is especially strong due to the location of your patron Pluto. Three times a year the planets line up so that all the energy of Jupiter takes aim directly at you.

But, as always in life, there are certain conditions and reservations. The influence of Jupiter, it is impossible to limit or hold back; everything he does is consistent with the principle of fairness and equality. If you were hoping to take advantage of the generous grants than at other times — unfortunately, it’s impossible. As well as to the support of the powerful planets in an arbitrary situation.

Openness and pressure of Jupiter will cause you some discomfort. After all, you prefer to keep your plans to yourself, but the planet is a giant hard draws you into the scenarios, open all eyes to see, and, being the center of attention, you feel uncomfortable. In addition Jupiter is considered the epitome of luck, and, therefore, often runs the risk, only you such peremptory confidence not typical. So, are you ready to take the risk, but you know — you always need to keep a backup plan. All in all, this year Jupiter, insists that no action is necessary, and suggested projects where you can break the Bank or lose everything. You have to learn to trust this powerful force is to let the Scorpion is easier said than done.

The influence of Jupiter will have an impact on the personal front. For several years you’ve been involved in a romantic relationship that did not dare to develop — for fear that to discover the true feelings, you lose yourself. In other words, you are ready to play exclusively by their own rules — that’s just partner is too smart to allow you to unconditionally dominate. As a result, you keep a safe distance, burning with desire, but not daring to continue. Jupiter will not tolerate such tricks. From his point of view from this story can turn out something serious only if you will open the soul, confess your own feelings and rush into each other’s arms. That’s why, twice in the summer Jupiter with Neptune unite, creating those moments when there is nothing else how to act. These chances should not be missed!

In business field a series of solar eclipses, promises rapid development and significant achievements. But starting the pursuit of a new goal, be prepared to sacrifice anything, let this for you and difficult. However, in this year, with the support of Jupiter, success is almost guaranteed!

Most financially favorable will be the beginning of the year; in November you will probably have to seriously try to get put on the right.


In a critical situation you are prepared to do everything you need. But what if circumstances in any way you are not pressured, and the crisis has passed? Theoretically, this is the perfect time to start implementing new ideas; in fact, he is wasted on empty dreams or a vacation, a respite after all these years.

Such will be 2018. In the past three years in your sign Saturn has staying; at first, his presence seemed unbearable, but gradually you adjust, and in the end even began to feel fond of him. With his departure, life at some time seem strange and unusual. Looking back, you realize how seriously changed in these three years. Saturn was able to build you a completely different person, making more practical, tougher, hardier — prepared for what awaits you when he gets back in the sign of Sagittarius in 2040-G. of Course, this does not mean that in the next two decades you will be frozen in real estate, but the return to life what it was before the arrival of Saturn at the end of 2014. This Chapter is closed once and for all.

Therefore, you are free. What would you like to do? At the end of this year, your patron, Jupiter will enter the sign of Sagittarius where he will stay a large part of 2019, presenting you with opportunities for every taste. Tempted to just wait for him to come. On the other hand, you can spend it on exploring the options and developing plans for the future. Or take things, which have always been a soul, but not enough time. After all, that’s the nicest thing you can imagine — no profit, pure fun, an opportunity to give yourself a much needed emotional support. While Saturn was in Sagittarius, you have not had any free minutes — so why not catch up now?

In matters of love observed uncertainty. In the first half you seem to doubt whether the current novel — what you need. No, it’s not boredom — I just wanted to reach in relations mutual understanding, something more than the ability of each other to entertain and amuse, and this cannot be done. Towards the end of the year physical attraction between you increases, but with a slight admixture of guilt, as if you are trying to get in the arms from the need to solve urgent problems. At the end of November is a key moment when all that was bothering you, goes out. Maybe it’s a chance to rectify the situation?

In the professional sphere, the recent turmoil has finally passed, and the work gradually returns to the quiet channel. But if the summer will have a chance to take on an additional burden (more creative) it should not be overlooked.

In financial terms hard work that lies ahead, will be adequately rewarded. But since the money was never your main goal, try to carve out enough time to rest.


Finally, your ruler, Saturn, for the first time in this century returned to its own sign. That’s what you’ve been waiting for! Don’t have to invest all your energy into the projects, changing at the last minute; it is not necessary to accept that well-deserved award go to someone else. From your point of view, to achieve the target, the result should depend directly on the effort — and thanks to the support of Saturn in Capricorn, exactly the way it is. Your happiness has no limits!

There are consequences in the longer term: the return of Saturn in the sign of Capricorn marks the end of several long planetary cycles. A number of personal and professional endeavors from the distant past are nearing the end. The downside is that well-deserved success had to wait so long — however, in all the many projects the goal is achieved, so efforts were not wasted. A couple of years you complete the planned program, and, therefore, will have to make new plans. But these concerns can be postponed for later, but for now focus on the remarkable success which will bring in the coming months.

On the personal front, you can also expect major advances. One of the eclipses this summer will lead to unexpected changes of status: if until now you haven’t been into a relationship that soon the situation will change; your romance develops so fast that almost do not have to hesitate to share joy with others. Those who already picked up a couple, will feel their connection growing stronger ties. The most surprising will be the fact how suddenly deeply these events affect and change your life. Eclipse always act like that, but in this case he comes to the aid of Pluto, managed to pass only half the constellation of Capricorn, its influence is changing the situation once and for all. At the same time in the love sector of your horoscope enters Uranus, the planet of surprises; this is another sign of the coming of a sudden and daring novel. And if you thought that your affair alike in the coming summer will strongly prove the opposite.

In the professional aspect of the planet this year ready for you to tease a little. Considering how close you are to the targets, radical changes do not threaten you — but maybe fate will give the chance to return to the role or project that had relevance until recently. It’s not a step back; just an opportunity to repeat it once passed stage. Taking advantage of this opportunity, you will probably find that they are able to improve the result, clearly demonstrating how far you managed to go forward. But honestly, it hardly matters in the scope of the purpose to which you are moving.

From a financial point of view, the year will be held with varying degrees of success — again due to the eclipses. However, losing one, you will definitely take mine in the other. February may will pleasantly surprise you.


From time to time falls the year when all aspects of life (work, home, attachment) changing. The result is chaotic, a mess, a terrible mess… For you to 2018 may become this year. However, they say that Aquarius is one of the most radical signs, it is best to cope with the changes, which, moreover, he needs. It is possible that you have allowed some aspects of their lives zakostenet, trapped in the routine; if so, on whatever side of life no question, the excitement of this year she opened, sliding up, giving the chance to change something or at least to escape to freedom. Or, on the contrary, you are happy to leave it as it is, but has lost momentum — in this case, the energy of the new year will have as it is impossible more by the way.

Most have a solar and lunar Eclipse, which this year falls on the love aspect of your sign. Eclipse invariably open up new opportunities for us, and sometimes give a push in the right direction — especially if you do not issue a special skill. Besides, they are able to show you ourselves, like the made by someone in an unusual perspective — beautiful, but so unusual that you involuntarily exclaim: “did I Do that?” In fact, you demonstrated enough expressed, not fully realized side of your personality is often able to inspire a change, a different path.

With a change in attitudes and beliefs will change and your love relationship. Often, the process is easy and painless, but, of course, there are exceptions. Perhaps some of those novels you have outgrown; there is a gap, after which you can move on. Not all of the above must happen, but the four eclipses per year, evenly distributed in your sign, you will clearly feel the effects of at least one of them.

Career also Mature change. Uranus is the planet-patron, this year’s double-crosses the core of your star charts, and this shake makes you wonder: why are you stuck in the current situation? These shake-up — not a disaster, but a Wake-up bell; with Jupiter in all its glory at the top of the horoscope, you will have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves. Support of Jupiter means a lot, and choosing a goal, it is not necessary to niggle.

Financially this year will be marked by exceptional waste — but maybe it’s necessary to reinvent yourself? And can expenses one of the tricks of the Jupiter? In any case — you only live once!


The next two years will be for you the most successful in recent times, and, although in terms of achievements and benefits next year will probably be better than the present, right now you will feel the greatest influx of inspiration and get from life the maximum of pleasure. Of course, these two years are closely linked: 2018 generates fresh ideas, creative impulses and opens new horizons, and following it is dedicated to the successful implementation of these ideas.

Fresh ideas creates the interaction between the two ball ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune. In motion across the sky they do not match, and often forces this couple in conflict, creating difficulties; however, this year the mutual position of the two terms most favorable and fruitful, providing a constant flow of ideas and impressions the seductive direction.

Although you are full of enthusiasm about these initiatives, it is difficult to get rid of thoughts that reach their fullest potential may not go — over the years you must have met the ceiling, to overcome which was not. Such restrictions imposed on the presence of Saturn, who insisted on time-tested options in contrast to risky initiatives and innovations. But this year, Saturn is no more obscure is opening up to you prospects. Look up above you stretches the starry sky; the path to the distant peaks of the free!

On the personal front, there is a significant revival. Summer in the love sector of your horoscope will be a solar Eclipse that promises a new novel. Everything would be simple and straightforward, but there are other eclipses in more private realms, and they hint at the events that you hardly dare to share with anyone but the most trusted friends. Secret loves are always special attractive; the more you hide what is happening, the stronger burns the flame. But, sooner or later have to reveal the card, and then they disappear, sometimes forever. Perhaps you feel that you’re not done until the end with the old attachment, and she still touches some strings in my heart — but don’t be fooled: you’re just trying to delay the inevitable.

Career year will bring you good luck. At the very beginning will have the opportunity to make a major step forward, and in the end — the chance to climb another step. However, these events are not connected with each other, so it is likely that among them will be some important event — who knows, maybe you’ll even change the field. It all happens on the wave of success, pick up you and carrying forward to the following year. But most importantly, all this happened as a result of systematic efforts, and, therefore, you control the situation and not just trying to ride blind luck.

Most financially attractive March, but in the summer you will find a prize — although it may have to be overcome.