What says the first letter of the name: define your strengths

Techno 23 March, 2018

2017-02-23 09:43

What says the first letter of the name: define your strengths
It is proved that the choice of name directly affects the life and destiny of a person, determining its strengths and weaknesses.

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The strong energy carries the first letter of the full name: knowing its value, you will be able to attract into your life prosperity, happiness and positive change.

For a long time esoterics and practices of various traditions have proved the influence of a name on destiny. Sound, its hidden meaning and emotion invested in choosing a name parents have a strong influence on the formation of the future life of the child. Some of the letters of the alphabet carry a lot of power, and if with a letter to begin the name of the child, his energy will be much stronger and defense stronger. These letters a little, but the existing names that begin with them, quite numerous.

A: the first letter of the alphabet carries a huge vector energy. If this letter starts the name of a boy, it will be easy to work out the thing that he loves, curses and the evil eye will not practically affect, and financial success will accompany him throughout his life. Common male names with the letter “A”: Andrew, Arsenius, Anton.

Girls title inscribed letter “A” brings light nature, the ability to easily cope with the difficulties, a sincere love for life in all its manifestations, optimism and loyalty to her husband loved and chosen vocation. Popular female names with the letter “A”: Anastasia, Anna, Alice.

And:is this a vowel letter carries a strong and powerful energy wave. Male names beginning with that letter, bring to life a future man of solid moral principles, personal code of honor, an amazing ability to work and love for children. Common male names with the letter “And”: Ivan, Igor.

Girls letter “And” brings a powerful protection against witchcraft, gentleness, compassionate, respect for parents and perseverance at work. It is often the women whose name begins with the letter “And” achieve success, both in career and in personal life. Popular female names with the letter “And”: Irina, Inna, Inessa.

At: names beginning with the letter “B”, have greater energy that guides and preserves its owner. Energy names with the letter “V” like a stone wall that protects its wearer throughout life. Men whose names begin with this consonant, are usually purposeful, strict with himself, fair and confident. Famous male names with the letter “V” Vasily, Valery, Vladimir, Victor, Vitaly.

Girls with the name on the letter in the childhood often are more interested in “boyish” games, but be feminine and open a lot of talents to successfully develop. Perseverance and dedication can help them achieve their goals, and optimism and ability to see beauty all help to enjoy life and attract people to them. The most common female names with the letter V:Victoria, Victoria, Barbara, Valeria.

N: this consonant letter has a soft, water energy, gives its owner a lot of talent and enough perseverance to develop it. People with names starting with “N” often know exactly what they want, and not spend himself on bad habits, bad company and incompetent classes. Men with this letter in the beginning of the name often already in childhood significantly outperform their peers, are thoughtfulness, independence and perseverance. Popular male names with the letter “N”: Nazar, Nestor.

Girls with names starting with “N” grow up to be women, endowed with amazing taste, the ability to smooth out conflicts and to gently insist on. Children’s Hobbies such girls may become a matter of life and school friend — the only man with whom she happily lived the rest of his life. The most common female names with the letter “N”: Nina, Hope, Natalia.

Each name carries a powerful energy, and therefore, since ancient times did not give the babies names containing a negative.