What Should You Know Before Getting into AFL Betting?

Business 17 May, 2022

AFL, or the Australian Football League, is a thrilling contact sport. This league is popular with bettors who follow certain AFL betting tips when placing bets. Besides its million Australian fans, AFL also has active followers across other continents.

Eighteen teams participate in this hard-hitting, fast-paced, and unique sport that showcases athletic talent. Also known as Australian football or Aussie rules, the regular AFL season begins in March and continues until September or October. You may bet on an individual player’s performance and match outcomes.

Make AFL Betting Work for You

To sharpen your betting skills, focus on the betting tips, understand the game, and acquaint yourself with the participating teams. The AFL season spans 23 rounds, with each of the 18 clubs competing with the other at least once, if not twice. The previous season’s finishing places determine how the current draw stands.

Hence, the draw is an aspect worth considering when you place bets on the current season’s results. The most frequently placed AFL match bets include the listed types:

  • Moneyline or head-to-head betting to select a winning team based on the clear favourite and underdog from the previous matches
  • A margin bet, which you can place through the AFL season, involves picking a side that will be succeeded by a winning margin.
  • Total betting allows you to select a particular number and predict the overall match points to be over or under that figure.
  • Handicap or line betting aims to even the field by awarding points to the underdog and compelling the favourite team to give away points.
  • Derivative betting involves placing the line, total, and side bets for the quarter or half time instead of the match’s total points.
  • Future betting is when you bet on the outcome of future results, such as the winner of the grand final match or the AFL season.
  • Proposition betting covers other bets like the first club or player to score, the number of goals scored, etc.

Rewarding Betting Approach

You have a better chance of profiting from bets placed when you adopt the following approach:

Conduct Extensive Research

This involves researching the players and teams by evaluating rankings and performances over the past few seasons. A team playing on home turf typically enjoys the advantage of a more extensive fan presence to encourage and support them.

Along with this factor, the absence of travel fatigue also boosts the home team’s winning chances. Similarly, a team dominated by solid players is more likely to outplay its opponents. Your research will enlighten you on these critical aspects.

Factor in the Weather

The prevailing weather conditions strongly influence the outcome of the AFL match. Rain makes ball handling a challenge, while strong winds could divert the expected trajectory of the kicks made. Taking weather predictions into account before placing a bet is a wise move.

Set Your Budget

A set budget ensures you do not go overboard with betting and instead place bets within your limits. Earning from your AFL passion is acceptable, provided you bet responsibly.

Choose a reputed bookmaker with an online presence and comprising experienced bookmaking professionals equipped to service your betting needs.