What you can eat at certain times of the day to avoid heartburn and bloating

Techno 25 March, 2018

2017-04-19 10:51

What you can eat at certain times of the day to avoid heartburn and bloating
In the modern pace of life we rarely think about the preparation of diet, not to mention its observance.

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What you can eat at certain times of the day — sounds, you see, is abstract. In the modern pace of life we rarely think about the preparation of diet, not to mention its observance. For that sometimes you have to pay several troubles, heartburn, colic, and sometimes a couple extra inches at the waist. Irregular eating schedule can seriously harm our body, even when properly composed diet, reports Rus.Media.

Consider what foods you can eat and when to eat in order to extract from them the greatest benefit and to protect themselves from unpleasant consequences.


The optimal time for cheese is a day. It has a calming effect on the digestive system and improves its work. People prone to colds is to eat cottage cheese in the evening is contraindicated because this product is able to form mucus.


The best time to eat fresh apples, definitely falls in the morning. Due to high content of fiber, it will have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and eliminate carcinogens.
It is not recommended to eat apples in the evening or at night. At high pH they can create unnecessary strain on the digestion and cause stomach discomfort.


Meat is quite heavy to digest food because of their high protein content. Protein foods burdens the stomach and can contribute to sleep disturbance. It is better to move meat meal for lunch when our digestive system is working at full force. Meat increases concentration and strengthens the muscles, so necessary in the daytime.

Figs and apricots

Early in the morning the fruit will start the process of digestion and accelerate the metabolism, but in the late afternoon can lead to bloating and indigestion.


Legumes in the morning – not the best idea, as they cause excessive appetite. Too dense Breakfast can not only provide fatigue for the entire next day, but to ruin the figure. Express the consumption of legumes for dinner at this time, they will lower cholesterol, aid digestion and improve sleep quality.


The perfect time for cheese early in the morning. At this time of the day it will prevent bloating and will be a great alternative to meat. Eating cheese in the evening, you will encounter indigestion and excessive amount of product to get overweight.


The greatest health benefits walnuts will bring tonight, as they consist of important brain substances, especially omega-3 fats and antioxidants. Does not make sense to use nuts in the morning, afternoon or night – the harm they will bring, as well as use.


Rice cereal, rich in carbohydrates, which in excess can cause weight gain. In the daytime the metabolism works like a furnace burning all the calories from carbohydrates. In the evening slows down and unnecessary carbohydrates are deposited at the waist and sides, without having to spend.


If you have the sudden desire to treat yourself with something delicious in the morning is the best time. In the rhythm of the day the future you will have time to spend calories and the hormone insulin will help in the fight against sugar. Evening insulin is produced not so active, causing the sugar from sweets will irritate the digestion and lead to restless sleep.


It is useful to drink warm milk in the evening – it will soothe the body and will give a restful sleep. If you play sports, it is not advisable to drink milk in the morning, as the drink will not have time to digest and get eating schedule.


Like cheese, bananas at night can lead to mucus production that it is highly inadvisable for people prone to colds. Also eat bananas on an empty stomach, due to the high content of magnesium can be the cause of indigestion. To eat bananas is better in the afternoon so that contains the fruit fiber will help in digestion and natural antacids neutralize heartburn.

These simple truths will not only get in shape, but also significantly improve the quality of life and well being. The main rule is to follow the principles of healthy eating and stick to the regime. The result will not keep itself waiting long!